Wash Day

So my previous wash day was relaxer day. I had done a rinse and protein (with low porosity hair….no) so I had a bit I breakage along with a lot of shedding from lack of tea rinsing, though none alarming. I had received from Shea What! From a product exchange and decided to see what it was worth and give it a try.



Pardon the tired look but it was about 1AM Saturday morning and I had just got home from a friends house. I sectioned my hair in two so I could take a shower and wash.

In an applicator bottle, I poured about 1-1.5 tbsp of shampoo, added some Keravada bringraj oil, and diluted it with about 10 ounces of water. I washed my hair with that mixture.

Next I did a coffee rinse with breakfast blend, marshmallow, Oatstraw, lavender and burdock. Yum 🙂

Next, I applied the Shea What! By mixing a fourth of the jar in a mixing bowl and adding a dropper of Keravada Bringraj oil. I slept on Shea What! For a while because the Deux didn’t take well to my hair, but Shea What! Is definitely a winner for me, even with the protein that that I didn’t want.

I went to sleep. I was tired. I fell asleep at my friends house, so it was bound to happen when I stepped out that shower. Saturday late morning, around 11am, I wet the conditioner a bit. It had good slip, but I didn’t want to bother it much with a comb. Last year, I used to get really sleek rollersets, but somewhere in my regimen, something changed and I stopped getting the moisture and manageability I used to get. Then I remember I got really good rollersets and my hair got healthy quick when I used to final rinse or mix my conditioners with Kanechom Shea Butter deep conditioner. If you ever seen that girl on YouTube, Victoria something, she sold me with her results. The silicon mix didn’t work for me, but that kanechom was thetruth.net. I had bought my second jar last summer but put it aside to use more natural products. It’s making a comeback. It increased moisture, slip and gave me te best rollerset I have had in a while. I only use the Shea butter one because it’s the only one my hair likes. With the combination of both conditioners, it was slick and smooth city between both textures.

When I rollerset I changed the direction of my rollers because straight back isn’t working for me anymore. I tilted them 45 degrees in each direction in the back.




My hair was so moisturized that my curls just dropped 🙂 I had straighter roots and super soft hair. Since Saturday, I’ve only moisturized my hair once.

Sunday, while heading out with DH, I asked him to take a picture:


Then I snapped a picture of the inevitable bun because I have no imagination:


And of course, I dreamed big with silk dreams and ordered two jars of Shea What! My shedding and breakage decreased dramatically with my conditioner combinations. I hate conditioning overnight, but I needed it.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


13 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Those Kanechom conditioners are the bomb. I’m currently using the Acai variant and my hair is super moisturized that I only moisturize towards the end of the week and my new growth is super stretched. I have found a winner in Kanechom.

    • Hey KLP,

      Online I feel like they cost too much but its hard to find specific ones in the BSS. The Shea butter I use exclusively but the only ones I’ve seen in the store are the new Argan one, maybe avocado (and that’s the rinse out) and probably the goats milk. And that’s if you find it. I hope you like it if you try it.

  2. Ok I’ve seen praises sung about Kanechom conditioners 3 times now. It’s officially become time for me to pick up a jar…or 3. I was curious about the ceramide one. Do you happen to have any experience with it?

    • I haven’t tried the ceramides one because I use Biolage but the Shea butter one is really good and while one person may not like them all, too many people like them for you to not find one you won’t like.

  3. Hi Tasia,
    We are working on a new product line of conditioners with KeraVada. We have had a lot of customers contacting us about a leave in, a deep conditioner and a cleansing conditioner. It will be called Kera 10 by KeraVada and we think it will be on par or better than Wen 613 (because we are using the same ingredients at a higher concentration and adding Ayurveda oils as well). I want to send one to you so you can let us know what you think. Let me know!

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