Relaxer Day

After 13.5 (13 weeks and 4 days to be exact) I finally relaxed. First, let’s start with prep:

I prefer to use Crisco over Vaseline because it takes forever to wash off. Seems disgusting, but it works wonders. Also, my Husband uses it for making his fondant cakes, so there is always some around.

So starters of my all-star prep team includes a leave-in/moisturizer, some CHI for some cuticle closing power and last a coating of crisco.

I did the half and half method again and this time I got smart. I got out a timer and used that to compete with each side.


Now for the key players I used for the first time Linange lye relaxer (will do a separate review). I prefer Motions neutralizing shampoo because I actually find it to not be harsh or stripping. I always keeps some Isoplus NS around as a good ole color indicator. You can never be too careful neutralizing. I also took out my Millcreek Organics in anticipation for a mid-protein step.

So the first side took 14m 21s to apply relaxer, smooth and get my edges last. I’m telling you now, my hair never straightened using it. So when I washed, I didn’t have to do MPS. I would have cried and attempted a corrective if I did. I still had a good amount of texture.

I neutralized for 8 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 3 minutes. Last, I applied Roux PC just to get things back to normal.

When I repeated the next side, I actually applied the relaxer in 13m 21s and somehow, moving faster caused some straighter parts (not super straight). As I neutralized, I added a little bit of Curl Junkie Repair Me to little areas that were straighter to my liking. Now, I think I found a new reason to keep CJ RM around for the cooler months….

Now, for the second half, I forgot to stop the timer allowing me to realize that between relaxer and neutralizing, the entire process is about 53 minutes. So between prep which includes sectioning the hair, applying conditioners and basing the scalp, relaxing, rinsing and neutralizing, the entire process is about 3 hours.

Might have to set new goals next year.

While neutralizing, decided since I wasn’t doing a MPS, I’d rinse and still incorporate some good stuff in there.

I had a couple bottles of Bigen Natural Black sitting around so I decided to use it.

I mixed some CJ RM with the Bigen since it doesn’t have protein but ceramides lurking as sunflower oil.

After mixing, I applied it to my hair with heats for about 15 minutes. Then I rinsed in the shower.

I shampooed it a little (rinses do not lift from my hair and cause me breakage if I don’t wash it at least once from my hair) with some Paul Mitchell Shampoo One diluted in an applicator bottle. Then I added some good ole DB Pumpkin Seed Conditioner for 25 minutes under heat.

As my hair gets more texlaxed, rollersetting is becoming a chore, but I might just have to change the direction of my rollers to slanted to accommodate for length and reduce combing.

Ending results were great as I got a nice black color I wanted, I didnt have to dust me ends and I got the texture I wanted.

Here is a wet shot.

This is after the rollers were taken out.


This is predominately my LC bra, but it’s also a low bra. I’m going by the farness of my waist as it it only 6″ from BSL and full MBL is about 3″. I’m still going to claim it, but I won’t feel anyway about it until December. That’s when I set myself up for this length. It will probably be the next time I flat iron for the year.

How was your last relaxer?
Are you prepared for your next relaxer?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


13 thoughts on “Relaxer Day

    • If you live in NY, sure!!!

      Thanks girl. I was trying to go for 14 weeks, but I figured 13.5 was enough. I hope I successfully do 16 for the winter.

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