The “V” Plague

I make it no secret I severely dislike my V. I don’t hate V’s as I see nice ones all the time, but right now, I don’t like it on me. Unfortunately my hair grows in a V naturally. Perhaps if I was TBL where the hair is so long it actually looks nice and flowy, but I don’t really like it on me.

Every so often, even with regular dusting, some how that V always comes back. I’ll provide my 3 examples.

August when I did my previous post on turning my V to a U. I had a U at this time.

September (my hair looked so thin to me I just wanted to cut it)

October (After a 2 week hiatus on rollersetting, incorporating castor oil and honey into my regimen and clarifying, I felt better about my [hair] life).

My October picture was taken after I had nipped the tip on my ponytail because I hadn’t done it in a while. I knew my hair was growing in a V and wasn’t happy with it. When your cutting or dusting the hair, after, you pull the hair into a low ponytail and pull the scrunchie low (but still enough to hold on to the hair) and carefully and flip the hair over. When you see the tip, you just nip it a little. Not too much. Then when I took an unofficial length check after my most recent roller set, I was actually surprised to see my hair has reached MBL. I guess I can claim it now. But the V had to go.

When I was younger, my mother used to get upset because she would have to constantly trim certain parts of my head because certain areas grew faster than others. I am now experiencing that frustration. I have just come to the conclusion that my hair grows faster where the V forms compared to the other areas.

Blah. Lol.

The struggle is hard!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

14 thoughts on “The “V” Plague

  1. The frustration of the V shape, though from your pictures I don’t think its very pronounced. My hair grows longer in the front than the back, not quite sure what shape it grows in. I used the trimming your hair into a U shape post that you did, so am hoping my hair takes the hint! 🙂

    • Hey Yvonne,

      Your hair will take the hint for the moment. Lol. The front of my hair was so badly damaged that I’m not sure of its growth rate because I keep cutting it, but it seems to grow well. There is this one patch in the back left that grows the fastest so I usually have to cut the left more than the right.

      We will get there one day Yvonne!

  2. Be thankful that it’s not a W, wanna exchange? Lol.

    I get what you’re going through though, people are going to be like, “it looks fine what are you talking about?!” but in a case like this they don’t get that it is what you think and feel that matters 🙂

    • Its funny because from what I’ve noticed, most hair grows in a W or a V and U is the wanted shape. It just bothers me for some reason 😦

      Trust me I’m grateful. I’m just trying to get to this imaginary finish line that I don’t think I’ll ever find.

  3. Some people love the V shape but others hate it. Honestly my hair also grows in a V shape and my nape doesn’t grow nearly as fast as my crown but i prefer a U shape or Blunt cut. Don’t beat yourself to much, all the hairs will eventually catch up.

  4. But the important part is that YOUR MBL! *throws confetti and does celebratory dougie* GO TASIA! It looks beautiful.

    As for the V, I rather have an exact V then the U/V mash-up I got going on over here. I can’t wait to try your dusting method when I flat iron next week :)!

    • Thanks Girl!

      You hair still looks fine. I mean, I expect to find the V from time to time, but I didn’t think it was growing out that fast. I will be stalking, I mean, lurking for your update.

  5. Congrats on MBL!
    My hair is V-ish but more so because it’s layered cut that way. I like seeing how my curls fall in a V for some reason. Not really sure what my regular hair pattern grows like anymore….
    And congrats on MBL again!!

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