Recent Wash Days

So my last three wash days have been some learning experiences. For one, I haven’t been tea or coffee rinsing. I kept forgetting, but that’s gonna stop. Next, I have been experimenting with cleansing conditioners versus shampoo. Last, I tried mixing honey in my conditioner, diluted shampoo and doing an oil rinse. Let the epic fails begin!

The first wash was with Hair One for damaged hair I think. Then followed with Carols Daughter black vanilla smoothie. it was so awesome. The HO cleansed while allowing me to detangle well and the CD only needs 5-7 minutes which is perfect in the shower. I had super soft hair. I loved the look and texture.

Two days later, I used Darcy’s Botanicals Cleansing Conditioner. It was good, though I found it more cleansing that the hair one. It did have some detangling action. Followed it with DB PSC mixed with honey and castor oil.

This is the brand of honey I decided to try.

I had to take this back a few years. Thanks to the DH and his hatred for microwaves, I have to heat up things the old fashioned way. I heated some water, poured it in my stovetop milk steamer and used a chinet cup to double broil it and the heat melted the honey a bit.

Last, I mixed that with the conditioner.

I didn’t care for this combination. It was a bit on the build-up side. I didn’t hate it either, as I would revisit, but perhaps leaving honey for wash days and using cheaper and clearer honeys may be better. The heavy honey seemed a little coated. My voice has packed up his bags and said he’s gotta go! So it will be loved.

Last, I washed my hair with my beloved PM shampoo one and deep conditioned with SD Razzberry coconut affair. My hair came out good with this mix with shine and softness.

Now for some comparisons:

This is with hair one on the left and PM on the right. The cleansing conditioner left my hair more uniformly thicker and less tangles. I don’t have any pictures of the DB but it was the same look, just puffier.

This is the view from the top. The cleansing conditioner left me with good roots, but the shampoo left me with shiner hair. My shampooed hair needed less moisture an had less shedding while the CC did not. The cleansing conditioner was good, but I’d still need to incorporate shampoo weekly as I noticed buildup after a couple days of using the LCO method.


This picture on the left (took it during a commercial break of devious maids marathon) is the DB and the hair is thicker or puffier. My hair was smooth even though you wouldn’t think so, but it just had more volume. The PM (right before the gym), though it seems flatter was actually easier to deal with. Less unruly. I also had to moisturize less.

In the end, I got many compliments but this is just too much to deal with. I can see myself using the cleansing conditioners for twist outs and possibly cowashes as so far they are really good. I don’t really see a need for conditioning after using these items and that’s where me and my low po self went wrong. Just wash, let it sit and rinse. Especially if you are using a leave in afterwards, there is really no point in the extra conditioning.

That’s it for now. I need to get back to straight hair because relaxer time is coming and as much as I’m dreading it, its gonna happen.

Tasia S.


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