Wedding Wash Day

So, I got married back in May, but didn’t celebrate until September 1.

What’s the #1 question people ask about your hair for your wedding day? “How are you going to wear your hair?” Lucky for me, my DH already told me about a month ago “Wear your hair curly, like when you put it up. I really like your hair like that!” Enough said.

What he really meant was a pulled up twist out like I always do.

Earlier in the week, I saw my cousin (who is natural, but our hair is very similar) and I really liked her twist out. She had a side bang and the back pulled up. I have no shame in jacking a style because I am sooooo uncreative with my hair, unlike the fact that I am creative in real life.

Here goes:
-Washed with Elasta QP shampoo for relaxed hair. This stuff is soo much better than their Creme shampoo, mostly due to sulphates (SMS) but its still more smoothing than I like.
-Coffee rinsed with Breakfast Blend, Marshmallow Root, Oatstraw, Lavender and Burdock Root. I don’t actually rinse the coffee out anymore.
-Used my Silk Dreams Razzberry Coconut Affair for 10 minutes under a cap with no heat.
-T-shirt dried for 15 minutes (my hair was still very wet) then did 2strand twists through my head with Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter and Organix Ginger Awapuhi Dry Styling Oil. When I got to the front of my hair, I used Carols Daughter Monoi Sacred Repairing Serum. I only applied the oil to my ends, which I usually never just do but I wanted my hair to look fluffy and hydrated, not shiny with oil, so it would look better in pictures.
-Secured with perm rods.

My hair was very soft the next day.

I had taken off the veil at this point, but to paint a clear picture, the veil was to the other side. Worked out really well.

This is a close up of the side bangs.

The twist that I knew would be the bang piece was were twisted to that side so I wouldn’t have to worry later. I just styled the bangs first then my sister pulled the back in a ponytail and twisted it up into a kind of French roll.

I thought wedding hair would be hard, but if you match the style to the dress, it really becomes less complicated. Even as a DIYer, you can too can have wedding hair on a budget. I’m still wearing this style days later. I just touch-up the style using the LCO method using water, SD WGBC and the CD Monoi oil.

S/N:I’m trying the CD Monoi Sacred Oil. It better work; I’ve lost faith in her products over the years. It has good reviews, so I’m hoping I like it just the same.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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