Wash Day

Good ole wash day.

Started with Redken Cleansing Creme.

Followed up with Curl Junkie Repair Me.

Tea Rinsed with CC Naturals Marshmallow and Burdock Root and Oatstraw tea. Because coffee and black tea can “mimic” protein effects I just decided to keep it herbal today. I did not rinse.

DCed with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner under my heating cap. When I laid down with plans of napping, this thing burned the crap out of my head! It worked today! I had to use it on medium.

Rinsed then sectioned my hair (it had only been in halves) and applied CHI Keratin Mist and water from a spray bottle. Rollerset.





Last, I sealed with Organix Awapuhi Ginger dry styling oil.

I wish I could take better pictures, but interrupting my husband during Call Of Duty is a nono in here.

I was happy with this roller set because I got the results I wanted. I don’t mind my texture, but sometimes I miss my bone straight hair and want straighter hair without the direct heat results.

I clarified, used protein then used the CHI Keratin Mist. That was alot of protein. I was scared I might overload my hair but I didn’t. Came close, but didn’t. My strands are really tight so they are extremely hard to break right now. I mean REALLY HARD TO BREAK. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but my new growth is not making love to each other, I can comb through the inch of it (7 weeks post) and the rest of my hair is manageable and soft. I made my DH touch it and even he said “Ohhh nice”. Next time, I will go lighter on the CHI KM, but I will keep using this to see the lasting results.

My purpose for trying the KM was because my hair survives off silk and keratin like it can’t get enough of it. Idk why. I theory its due to rollersetting on high heat (my hair takes 50 minutes on high heat so imaging a lower setting) so it needs the protein more. Between treatments, my hair always needs “boosts”. I’ve been reading about this product and long term, its claimed to have lasting and repairing results. Im hoping weekly use will allow me to reduce light protein treatments or stretch clarifying. That’d be nice #wishfulthinking

I didn’t get “bone straight” results like I wanted (that’s never happening) but I really enjoyed the results.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


8 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • Thanks!

      The patience is wearing this each relaxer stretch. I only stick it out because of the difference in textures. Roller setting makes handling them easier.

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