Recent Purchases

My junkyism doesn’t stay on hold for long. Probably because it gets the best of me when I realize I need some spice in my life. Here are some of my recent purchases:

On a hair exchange, I got brand new products of Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz, Hairveda Almond Glaze and Hydroquench Sweet Mango Repair Mask.

So far, I’ve use the DB HLICS for my twist out and I really like it. I was worried because of the aloe in it, but its treating me ok leaving me with softer hair. I’m not really using it as a refresher and more as a liquid in LCO method.

I used the Hairveda just on my ends and I like it so far. I don’t see myself using that until winter though. It’s a tad heavy for right now but on the two strand twist that got some of the product on it, it allowed for an easier untwist.

I haven’t tried the Hydroquench mostly because I’m confused on the product. It’s called a repairing mask containing proteins, but I see nothing repairing in the ingredients listed on the product. Avocado is a great product, but I’m not sure it’s relation to the product. I’ll check out the website, but I already alerted my cousin that I’d be using it on her daughters hair.

I bought this because I was in TJ Maxx jerking during work hours and I have been eyeing this brand for a while. Mostly because the line seems good, but not great. I like their focus on body products though. I usually use the Tree Hut scrubs from Target, but its not easy for me to get to a target and since there are only two close to me in NYC, both an hour by public transportation and the fact that you’ll get aggravated with everyone who shops there because they aren’t used to anything, I only go if I can or if a friend tells me they are going to one. I tried this an I liked it. Funny how dirt and sand get you feeling so clean!



Next, an addition to my tea rinse: Oatstraw. My Darcy’s Botanicals PSC has extracts of Oatstraw. It is apparently supposed to be soothing and calming.


Last, I finally invested in this stuff! I just really want to see what the hype is about. Also, as I was telling a friend, my hair needs alot of protein. I don’t do hard treatments so my medium and light treatments, which have to last, usually get me through 1-1.5 weeks. I need a boost at time. Also, I want straighter hair after rollersets. The CHI SI is good, but I’d prefer something lighter. I’ll see how this works. Hope I like it.

What have you been trying lately?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


8 thoughts on “Recent Purchases

      • I just found your blog a few weeks ago. Didn’t know you were a NYer, cool. Where is this tea store if you don’t mind sharing?

      • Hey,
        The tea store is on 79 Bayard Street. It’s called Sun’s Organic something. I forget the name completely, but she has every tea under the sun and its reasonably priced. You might find cheaper (I did initially with the Oatstraw as her was $.75 more an ounce) but you’ll find all teas in one place.

  1. Hairveda almond glaze smells amazing. It’s my mothers staple product. She is an old school grease lover, so this is a good substitute.

    • Hey Vie,

      It is a good grease substitute. It works really well with a natural curl and didn’t weight my hair down. I’m looking forward to trying it in winter.

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