Wash Day

So this wash day, I decided to try fenugreek. It wasn’t bad I just don’t prefer it.

Started with one wash with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One.

Fenugreek applied to hair in sections, then rinse.

Deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Razzberry Coconut Affair.


So as I mentioned in my fenugreek post, the seeds didn’t make a paste, so I still had bits. I did not have a curry/maple syrup smell afterwards, but I would recommend using this as prepoo because the coconut oil (I used babassu oil) does keep for conditioner from penetrating. After I rinsed my DC, my hair felt nice and slick, but after my rollerset, I was left with unsoft, oily hair and add on top of that heat protectant. My hair was stiff city, and I have medium to thick strands, so that’s NO FUN. If you try the fenugreek as a prepoo, use the oil, but if you do it after washing, ionno bout dat! Maybe omit the oil. Once plus: my new growth was the business!!!!! It was very combable.

I used larger rollers this time around, but I’ll stick with smaller rollers.






There was good thickness, but I don’t like it.

I also had loads of shedding 😦 no breakage, but had I waited another day to wash, it was bound to happen. There was no moisture because it was blocked by oil.

Now, because I’m Tasia, I’m here to comfort those who are too shy to admit that if they wash their hair on wash day and something between wash days goes so horribly wrong, or even on the day of, that your hair will be washed again.

I’m not sacrificing a setback because of an unspoken rule that I should wash 1x a week. No sir, not me. So I washed again. Lol!!!!!

My approach again was different though. Because of the shedding, I was worried that if I washed first, it would worsen the shedding.

I applied my coffee rinse first which was an overnight brew of Breakfast Blend and Burdock and Marshmallow tea. I let that sit for a couple minutes. Btw, I forgot to mention that I had a bad itchy scalp. This calmed it down a lot.

Next, I washed with Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo. I’ve this shampoo since last year (I have a regular container and a pump bottle). I stopped using them because of the taboo surrounding sulphate shampoos, but since I’ve said Phuket to no-poo and Oui to poo, I pulled this sucker from deep in the closet and used it.

My hair felt dried out at first but as I applied my Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk I noticed my hair softening instantly. Usually, I after go over second and third times to get conditioner to settle, but I didn’t have to after using this shampoo. I might make it a staple again.

My hair was so soft, I almost feared I had moisture overload after I tshirt dried. I didn’t get any breakage and barely any shed hairs, so I was ok.

I did some dookie twist (y’all know the twist I’m talking about) doing the LCO method and put it up with flexi rods.



Texture shots!


This is showing my texlaxed, slightly texlaxed and bone straight hair.


When I look at the thickness of the twist, it makes me feel a little better.

Roller setting keeps all three textures manageable. I air dried though.



I wish I had taken better pictures, but I just wanted a picture of my bun.





Ok, I did better.

How was your last wash day? I hope it was better than mine!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


4 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • I hold out if I can because I do rollersets so I hate the constant manipulation. But there are some hair boards I have lurked where its a crime to poo; that you should only cowash. The first time I washed 3x in one week, my hair was on top of the world but I felt like I was committing a sin. But I’m like you now, if its yucky its getting washed!

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