Fenugreek For Hair: First Time Experience

So I tried my first fenugreek treatment for hair. Here is a step by step of what I did followed by how I liked it. I’ve only tried it once, but sometimes, that’s all you need.


First I started with regular unused fenugreek seeds.


I measured out 1/4 of a cup which is 3 tbsp’s.


500 ml of water is about 2 cups, so to consider boiling water and evaporation, I used 4 cups.


This is what it looked like in the pot.


Now most sites claim to use coconut oil, but my hair hates coconut oil. Babassu oil is its twin, and my hair liked it better, so I decided to use it.


After the seeds open, they open and feel slimy and quite yucky. Then I blended them for as long as I could. It was still grainy, like pieces literally, but it was easy to apply to the hair. You can feel the slip even before you apply to the hair.


And here, you can see the seeds that weren’t pulverized to a paste.

My Comments
I would recommend it but wouldn’t use it again for one specific reason which I will explain.

First, the seeds really need to sit overnight. I let them sit for about 8-9 hours after boiling, but it wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t make a paste. Maybe it needed to be blended for longer or I needed my Ninja for this job.

I also used too much water. 3 cups would have been more than enough. My mixture looked more like a rinse out conditioner which is easier to apply to wet hair and you didn’t need much.

It did provide great slip to the hair. It rinsed out pretty well too. I left it on my hai with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes and used heat. When I rinsed, I liked the feel of my hair, but the slip didn’t last long.

Because I didn’t get a paste, I still had seeds in my hair. I looked like I had a severe case of head lice. Not fun. I decided that picking it out of wet hair was too much in a fragile state so when after I dried under the dryer, I would take them out. That worked pretty well as they came out very easily.

I had more shedding than with tea/coffee rinses. I was not happy with this. I wasn’t annoyed by it, but I haven’t seen this much shedding in months. I could suggest fenugreek rinsing with the left over water, but don’t take my word for that.

I did see a difference in moisture and I did experience thicker hair.

I would not do it again because of the thicker hair factor. I already have thick strands, so the fenugreek just made them bigger. Some people like big hair, but for me, on me, I hate it. I have not seen my hair like that since I was Junior High! I dont feel as if my cuticles are open, just more moisturized hair. But I can say if you are on a quest for a natural alternative for thicker hair, this is an excellent option. This is good for those with thin strands or low density hair, or bone straight hair.

This is a great natural treatment and I really cannot complain. Even though I didn’t get a paste and had pieces of the seeds in my hair, it still worked out well. Based on preference, I just wouldn’t prefer thicker hair. I’d definitely recommend, just do your homework. That volume is not to be underestimated.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


10 thoughts on “Fenugreek For Hair: First Time Experience

  1. Okay, I have fine low-density hair, so I’ll try this to make it look thicker. Does it smell like curry powder or maple syrup? I’m so confused about the smell because of what people say on the boards. I’m sensitive to smells.

    • It smells like maple syrup but I can see the curry smell because it gives curry its smell. Curry on the first day, maple syrup on the second. I don’t smell it in my hair, but if you shampoo or deep condition after, you may not get the smell. I rollerset so the smell was affected by that too. Just clean wherever you wash you hair good, because my shower smells like maple syrup and its only been 1 day since I used it.

  2. Oh you also use oil staples from Dr Adorable. I usually stock up on essential oils from the range. Loved the review on fenugreek as I’ve wanted to use it. My fine strands could use some thickness right now.

    • Dr Adorable has really good products. I have a lot of butters and oils from them. Definitely try it, but do it as a prepoo so you can wash the oil out.

  3. I have some fenugreek that I purchased a while back but havent used. I should go ahead and try it out, but it seems like a lot of extra work vs regular tea rinses. I’m more interested in the babassu oil, might look into that

    • It is a bit more work. I mean, based on the benefits of both, Id stick stick with tea rinsing. I was very disappointed by the amount of shedding because I thought it would decrease it.

  4. I use Fenugreek. I buy it in powder form from the Indian store. I make a tea for rinsing with it. I also add it to my pastes (Amla, Neen, Tulsi) and add some to my deep conditioner. I love it…

    • Hey,
      I wondered if using the powder would be better than the actual seeds. It easier for me to find seeds locally, so if I find the powder, I may reconsider trying it again.

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