Maintaining a Hemline: Turning My V Into a U!

I was online and EnExit told me she was frustrated with her hemline because she is trying to maintain a U but her hair grows in a V. I told her I have the same problem. I also explained to her how I maintain a U though my hair grows in a V. It was hard to explain, so I wrote a documentary lol.

This is a complete simulation so Im not cutting and Im not completely combing.

1. I part my hair in halves. This is the back:

photo 1-1

2. This is the front:

photo 2-1

3. Then, I separate the halves into quarters, but this is because the front of my hair was more damaged than the back. Its harder to catch the front, but this may be cool if you want layered front hair to contour the face. My back halves are longer than the front.

photo 3-1

4. Then, I comb the section.

photo 4-1

5. I pull my head as far back as possible. When I use to pull my head moderately back, I would still deal with that pesky V. For a U, you have to pull the head back as far possible.

photo 5-1

6. This is the same view from the side. See my neck? It hurts!

photo 1-2

7. Then I dust. I don’t really trim anymore, just dust to maintain my U.

photo 2-2

8. Then I cut the front sections only difference being I don’t pull my head back. Its not necessary. I just comb the hair forward.

photo 3-2

9. My front is more damaged from when I didn’t take care of it pre journey. I have a year to go before its fully healthy. My right side is also more damaged than the left, so thats why it looks so this. Anywho, this is how I cut the front. So much easier. But its not a blunt cut in the front. I comb the hair forward and just cut. When it comes down, it still looks nice.

photo 4-2

10. Its a U!!!! The angle my husband took it at (and he was a grouch the whole time) makes it look like its still a V, but Im lucky my phone didn’t get dropped in the process of him handing it to me and running. Big Bang Theory makes you hate to leave the couch. But this is the end result.

photo 5-2

I apologize for not combing better, but its late and I wanna shower and go to bed. If you didn’t notice in the first pic, Im wearing a sports bra. Things need to get done, like that shower, but I felt this was most important. My brain is like a sieve tube; I will forget. I always dust in this fashion.

Tools Used:

Seamless Comb

Tweezerman Scissors

I hope this helped someone.

How does your hair grow and how do you maintain it?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


14 thoughts on “Maintaining a Hemline: Turning My V Into a U!

  1. My hair grows in a V and I don’t like it one bit! I definitely prefer the U shape (not a fan of blunt cuts on me). I will be trying this method when I do another mini-chop. Thanks for posting Tasia!

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