Wash Day

I washed Sunday, but didn’t bother running a comb in my hair Friday night, Saturday any time and attempted to comb while sectioning Sunday afternoon. Luckily, I’m realistic and knew I should have expected to see that much hair. Saw at least 50 strands on my wash day alone #shrugs



I started with 4 sections for roller set prep. I stopped doing 5 sections because 4 is allowing me to stretch conditioners for 4 uses/1 jar instead of 3.

I washed with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One. I wanted to use Elasta QP Shampoo for Relaxed Hair because I’m liking it so far, but my hair had stretch, so PMSO won.

Look who came to the party:


Did a light protein treatment with Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion.



One of the things I hate about my heating cap is that its not that great. I usually have to wrap a tshirt on my head before I apply the heating cap then tuck the sides under the cap. This way, I can trap heat inside so even if the cap isn’t heating my head, my head is still heating up. Get it? I get annoyed when I sit under my heating cap for 30 minutes and my head feels heated in one area.


Coffee rinsed. Kati Kati Medium Brew with Burdock Root.


This is what I look like after coffee rinsing.

Applied Silk Dreams Razzberry Coconut Affair on top of the coffee. Left this on for about 2-3 hours. I actually wasn’t going to roller set, but I forced myself too. I really no reason not to.



My new growth isn’t popping, but its there. Luckily its behaving, but that’s just for now.

One of my goals was to grow my bangs out. I posted about this a while ago, when my bangs are lip length, but now its a little past my chin.

I’m doing all of this, and just might cut them again. Entertaining the idea, but promised myself I wouldn’t change my hair style until I’m happy with my short term goal which is MBL.

The last person to make a fashionably late appearance:


This stuff is cool. I would not recommend for anyone to buy this unless they had a suga mama/daddy to get it for them though. It’s great for straight hair, but no one is killing me if they don’t like it after spending that much money.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


10 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • Thanks!

      I updated the post. Knew I was missing something lol. It was coffee and tea blended. This blends works very well for my scalp.

  1. oMG I have been wanting to try a kerastase serum for a long time and the oleo relax was one! Lucky you! Your set looks so pretty! Have you ever tried the DIY steaming method age in atl and relaxed thairepy talk about instead of the heating cap?

    • Hey Mandy,

      I actually have tried those steaming methods. They really are good and use them when I’m to lazy to bother with my steamer. I find them to be a pretty good alternative.

      The kerastase is good, just a bit of money. I can honestly say I don’t hate it, but I don’t use it often because I don’t want to repurchase anytime soon lol.

  2. I heart your roller sets. I wish that I had the motivation to do them. Ha-ha!

    I deep condition under a Gold N Hot Heat Cap and it works wonders every time. I’ve read some poor reviews on it that mention that it doesn’t work all the time. What I’ve noticed is that there are times when it will cycle itself off then turn back on after a few minutes. This is a safety mechanism that prevents it from overheating.


    • Thanks girl,

      My Gold N Hot works the same way, only problem is that it works in the front but the back doesn’t heat up much, if at all sometimes. I usually have to turn it backwards. The front of my hair is easier to deal with, so conditioning there isn’t as important as the back where it is thicker and lower in porosity.
      The heating is just not uniform 😦

  3. I feel you on the heating cap. I tried it once and took it right back to the store! It didn’t heat my entire head at all! I WISH I could find a good heating cap that puts out consistent heat AND it is distributed throughout my entire head! Still looking…great rollersetting results and I will have to find me a sugardaddy to buy that serum! DANG!

    • Hey Age,

      Sugar daddy indeed. If you find a good heating cap, please keep me posted. I’m definitely open to finding a new one.

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