My Face Regimen: Oh It’s Complicated!

So, the other day at work, while closing someone’s restaurant (don’t ask, please don’t) the owner was mad at me and told me to go to school.

I’m used to these kind of comments. Mostly because I don’t look my age. I tell people I’m 25 because that’s the age I found to be the best and just stopped there. Some people believe I just graduated high school. Other times I get student discounts depending on where I shop in the city because I look like a college student. People never believe when I tell them Im 29. Please forget I said that.

That brings me to my face/body regimen.

My cousin told me years ago that she wanted to look young longer, so she needed to start her skin care regimen now. I think we were 21 around this time. I thought she was talking bull-caca, but I listened to her anyway. When I met my husband, when I was 22, he asked me “How are you black and don’t use Shea Butter?” I was like “It’s to heavy and I don’t know how to use it!!!” I learned that day.

Before I get into this, I used to use cheaper (as in cheaper priced) items like Neutrogena, Aveeno and other items, but they were all to harsh for my skin since I have very dry, sensitive skin and they all contained harsh detergents and acids, I had to stop using them. For my store bought products, please understand by the time I started using these products, it was not because I wanted to.

Since then, I’ve created 2 routines: Day and Night.

Skin (well the body) rebuilds itself during rest so I wash at night with Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough (discontinued) or Microdelivery Scrub.


After, I use some Udo’s 3-6-9 oil or my ceramide mix (any ceramide oil will do) and either go to bed with just that or use some Shea butter or whatever mix I’ve made with it at the moment. I never wake up with dry skin, unlike if I use a regular moisturizer.


I also use an eye cream, I don’t care if Blacks Don’t Crack, and a collagen boosting C Creme morning and/or night. Vitamin C is important in Collagen Production, so that’s always a plus.


In the morning I just use some Philosophy Full of Promise. I thought that stuff was a joke, so far I love it. Expensive as crap, but I’ve had it for 3 months now.

Depending on how dry or non-receptive my face becomes, I break out some Moroccan red clay and mix it with honey and buttermilk and make a mask or use some Shea Moisture clay mask. I prefer the clay though. The Shea Moisture for me is ok. If I’m cramped on time I use Fresh Face Polish. It’s not bad, but I don’t think it’s worth the money either.



Now, daily, I use Nubian Heritage body washes. They are awesome. I try to stick with the ones for dry, dehydrated skin. Goats Milk and Chai and Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver are my faves. I follow up with Shea butter while in the shower.

Shea butter is a miracle worker and can last a while depending on how one uses it. Mixing it with Mango butter is good too. I usually buy my butters (except Shea) from one store on eBay as the prices are pretty decent. They also sell everything (well mostly every butter or oil I’m looking for).

Not sure if its genes or products helping me, but I’m not complaining.

What are you using and how are you liking it? I’m always eager to learn something new 😉

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

2 thoughts on “My Face Regimen: Oh It’s Complicated!

  1. I use to slather myself in Shea Butter in College. Now I’m lazy and just throw some olive oil on in the shower…..LAWD TASIA I NEED TO DO BETTER! lol

    Also, would you recommend the Philosophy brand to those with acne prone skin? I’ve only seen dry skin types (like yourself) have sucess with it.

    • Girl, your doing good.

      Honestly I wouldn’t suggest the philosophy unless you have dry skin. I have use 2 cleansers and two scrubs. I hate purity because I found it drying, more for normal to oily skin but the one I use now has no deep cleaning power. The scrubs I’ve tried are good too, but no deep cleaning power. I’d consult with someone at sephora or ulta, but from products I’ve seen and tried I just think it would be too heavy for acne prone skin.

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