Coffee vs. Tea Rinsing

One Saturday, I had French Pressed some Kenya medium coffee and didn’t get to drink it. So the next day, which was wash day, I needed to tea rinse but figured I’d just use coffee instead. I threw some conditioner on top of it (something I did once with tea rinsing and didn’t care for) and hoped it would come out good.

It actually did.

Immediately after, I noticed softer hair (better conditioner results) and less shedding, but over the week, I felt shedding didn’t reduce, more like induced from the wash day but was never more excessive one day over the next. I also noticed an itchier scalp.

So the next week I tried it again. Same results from above. This time with French Roast. Even itchier scalp. I had a lot of dafuq moments at work; embarrassing.

The next week, I went back to tea rinsing, but the deep conditioning results weren’t the same. I mean, they were good, but the conditioning wasn’t as good as the coffee.

Then, I got smart and put two and two together. I notice how Burdock root is the only tea that soothes my scalp. Peppermint too, but I’m not going there with that tea yet. Afraid I might OD with it. So, while I wouldn’t do this in real life, I decided to try Kati Kati medium roast and Burdock root together.

I’m soooo sold.

I’m definitely happy with this blend.

I noticed a few things with coffee.
-The strength is very important. Strength can determine caffeine content, not acidity. Darker roast have less caffeine (not remarkably low, still high, but not as much as a lighter roast) which is why I had more shedding.
-Medium roasts have more caffeine, so I had less shedding. I still had scalp itching.
-Didn’t leave my hair hard, mimicked black tea results for me.
-I noticed it isn’t making my hair as dark as black tea. If anything, I noticed its a tad lighter and more vibrant, but I can’t speak too soon.
-Adding Burdock root helped alot in terms of scalp health.
-Region of the coffee plays a great role in terms of acidity. I noticed that dark coffee with light acidity (French Roast) had better conditioning results but more scalp itching. Kenya (medium) had light acidity too and conditioned well but I still had itching. Kati Kati (medium) had more acidity and citrus notes. I mixed it with burdock, so I can’t say for sure if only burdock reduced the itching, but even with it did work well.
-Coffee with the lower acidity worked best for conditioning for me, but I had more scalp irritation.
-Coffee with higher acidity had really good conditioning results with less scalp irritation.
-I noticed better moisture retention, even when I had 2 wash days in one week but only rinsed for 1 wash day.
-Last, I experienced more shine. That’s always a good thing.

I remember someone telling me they exclusively used Columbian coffee for rinsing. Spanish coffees usually have higher acidities which is probably why she loved them.

I really have no complaints about coffee rinsing. If anything, I like it better and will continue to use it. I think its a tad more expensive, but I also drink more coffee than tea so that’s why it’s more expensive IMO. Even though I’m gifted and cursed with LP hair, I’m going to stick with moderately acidic coffees; they didn’t affect anything and it just works better on my scalp.

I didn’t think I’d like it, because coffee is so bitter (I still love it though) but I couldn’t knock it till I tried it.

*I generally have a sensitive scalp, so you may not experience an itchy scalp like I did. Even when deep conditioners are left on too long or I take too long to air dry my hair, I will have an itchier scalp. If your scalp is not sensitive, you may not experience the same results.

**I only used Starbucks Coffees due to convenience, not preference. I don’t really think brand matters.

Which do you prefer?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “Coffee vs. Tea Rinsing

  1. I am yet to try these tea/coffee rinses. Is there a difference between the loose leaf kind compared to the tea bag kind. As with regards to coffee is there a difference between instant and non instant?

    • Hey Mandy,

      I have not noticed a difference between loose and bagged tea, but when its bagged (likewise with coffee being brewed in filters) it filters out the natural oils. I think I like coffee better because I use the French Press which allows the coffee to keep its natural oils. I haven’t used instant coffee yet, but its only because with French Press, you don’t have to use hot water to make the coffee while with tea/instant coffee, you should.

  2. I’ve been considering giving rinses a try but I think I’ve been overwhelmed trying to decide what to do, so I just haven’t done it.
    I haven’t come across many blogs who really laid out a lot of reasons and tips like you have so maybe this will push me to give it a try. Thanks for the info!

    • Rileynak,

      I overanalyze everything lol. I definitely think its worth a try. I was the same way as you so I just decided to try one tea. Then that escalated to more. Coffee was totally unexpected. It’s best to try just one and go from there.

      If your not sure start with black tea alone, green tea alone or coffee alone and see how it goes. It’s at least worth trying.

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