What’s The Big Deal About Protein?


These are my HG’s right here. My arsenal that battles the everyday hair struggle.

Back when I started my journey, I had moisture overload. I really didn’t know where to turn but because I was so familiar with Nexxus, I turned to them. Then I started reading up all things protein, but when I visited a blog or forum, they all boast of not using protein, protein sensitivity or avoiding proteins altogether. Not once have I been able to find advice on someone who has a good outcome with protein and actually talks about it.

So why am I writing this post? For the girl who isn’t scared of protein and needs someone to tell her so!

Now I have 4 in my stash and my advice to anyone is to always keep a protein around. I’m not quite over my PJ stage but sometimes you can have just one and others times you need another, just in case. I used to think protein was such a problem but it really isn’t.

My hardest protein which I haven’t used in over a year is Nexxus Emergencee. This I keep just in case the moisture overload demon creeps back to this side again. Moisture overload is hard to get but when you have LP hair you have to be prepared for that possibility. Especially when you mix in factors like cowashing or even washing often as I usually do when I airdry. The other possibility is when you don’t use use protein at all. I wouldn’t recommend this product unless you have severe stretch or severe wet breakage. This has collagen protein and I believe collagen amino acids. A very strong protein that does deliver if your hair is severely damaged and/or weak hair.

Millcreek Organics is IMO a medium treatment. Hydrolyzed protein is the second ingredient. I like this as a MPS during relaxing. It left my hair with body, good texture and no breakage. As a protein treatment it was good as well, but I prefer it more if I need an almost medium to hard treatment. Works well with heat. After I run out of this bottle, I will definitely be purchasing the next one. I would recommend for those who want a GOOD protein conditioner but don’t want to spend mucho dinero on it either.

Curl Junkie Repair Me is my favorite protein treatment and is fairly medium for me. Meaning, its in the medium category, but MO is a better example of a medium treatment. It’s not as intense as the instructions or ingredients lead you believe. I use it with heat for 10-20 minutes and it works fine. I am not sure it needs a moisture DC after, but I use it anyway. I use this every 4 weeks without a problem. You get stronger hair and depending on your hairs sensitivity, it could be used as a regular protein treatment every 4-6 weeks. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a moderate treatment that is not likely to cause overload in one use and strengthen the hair. I have medium-thick strands so someone with thin strands could see this as strong.

Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion is my last protein. It’s very slept on. It’s light for me. I use it in between treatments when I need a boost. I don’t use it all the time, but you can never be too careful. It has silk and delicious butters that’s like cheesecake for my hair. I use a moisture DC after but I honestly do not need it. Fine strands might. I can’t rely on this alone but this with my CJ RM keeps me in check every time. Fine strands may actually be able to rely on this alone but I cannot. Nevertheless, its still really good.

Seems like a lot, but honestly, as long as I have a reason for all of them, I have no reason to want anything else. Of all these products, with the exception of preservatives and certain stabilizers, all these products have very little added ingredients that do not benefit the hair. I also find they don’t contain extra items that I’m like “Why is this even in here?” and not causing added breakage. How nifty!

Next time you think to yourself you have to much of a product, just remember why you do need it and not why you want it and it may make the decision of having it better!

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


8 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal About Protein?

    • Yeah, that’s why I gave up the aphogee. I know mineral oil has softening effects, but once its washed off, I feel like it never solved the issues to begin with. I also had the same amount of breakage using it.

  1. I have to be careful about protein in my regimen. I don’t necessarily avoid it but I have to watch when I use it because my hair will turn on me in one wash session.

    I love the SD MSI. I consider it to be a light protein conditioner also. My hair never feels like it needs a moisturizing DC afterwards but I use one anyway (I’ve had a protein overload problem before & don’t plan to relive it again).

    I picked up a sample size of the Komaza Protein Strengthener {hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed collagen, jojoba protein, wheat protein, along with some moisturizing ingredients} but I haven’t had the nerve to use it yet. My breakage isn’t as prevalent at the moment so I don’t feel I need to use this yet because I have a feeling it might behave like a medium to hard treatment on my hair.

    I recently picked up the CHI Keratin Leave-In Conditioner while shopping the Ulta Liter Sale & I must say I’ve been impressed with it. I’ve used it during a M&S session and a wash day so far. Soft, strong hair that never did anything weird. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    • Hey Rileynak
      I’m like you, I don’t avoid it but I’m careful with it. I’ve never had protein overload but I have had experiences where certain proteins were too much for my hair. That’s how I deduced that keratin and silk will be my go to’s in my regimen.

      The Komaza sound really heavy, so be careful with it. I will check it out, but with all that protein you mentioned, its possible that may be good in case of emergency. Collagen is too heavy for me to use because my hair is not subject to intense moisture and little heat.

      I’ve heard about the CHI Keratin Mist I believe. I want to try it for roller setting. It sounds like heaven. I haven’t read a bad review yet. I’m definitely going to be picking a bottle up soon.

  2. Protein and me are like this (you can’t see me, but I’m hugging myself lol). I NEED LOTS OF IT IN MY LIFE! These high po. strands thrive off of it and without it I’d be bald lol.

    • EnExit,

      I know protein is your friend. HP hair is no joke. You know how to take care of it and at the end of that day that’s what matters. I have to do strand test religiously to know when I need protein.

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