Wash Day

The ohhh so dreaded wash day…


I sectioned my hair in five sections.

I washed with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One. This will be my permanent shampoo because I’m gonna stop fronting; I love it. It was such a beautiful mistake. I really cannot find a reason to hate it. My hair holds treatments better since using it… I noticed I don’t M&S as much since using it too.

I followed up with a coffee rinse. I used French Roast in my French Press. French Press’ allowing the oils in teas and coffees to not be filtered out, so you get all the benefits of your brew. I let it sit at room temperature for about 4 hours before using. French Roast is also a dark coffee (meaning its roasted longer so caffeine isn’t super high) and its not as acidic as other coffees. It makes my scalp itch more on the same day I use it, but its not unbearable.

I didn’t rinse it out. Instead I just slapped some Silk Dreams RCA on top of it. I’ve never done this before. The RCA is super thick and spreads very well. A little goes a long way. I email Jorien to ask if I should use a steamer or heating cap, but she replied saying you don’t need heat. Sadly, I was under a heating cap when I got the reply. I think the heat helped though. My hair was super soft and had mucho slip. I need to dream bigger!

After rinsing, my hair was AMAZING!!!! That was the easiest and fastest rollerset ever! I didn’t have to use my medium Herculea Sagemann comb, the fine tooth one glided right through.

I was a little heavy handed on the CHI and luckily I clarify next week. My curls were bouncy and sexy! I was feeling myself.


I wish I could have ran outside like that, but this humidity would have put my 122lb behind in check quick. I would have ran out like the horrible little person I am and ran back home a sad little girl.

Clearly its in a bun today.



I need to stop playing myself. Back when I was reaching BSL, I could get away with not wearing scrunchies; now I need them. My hair is too heavy now so my buns droop as soon as I walk away from the mirror.

Is your wash day treating you well?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


11 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Your rollerset results were AWESOME Tasia, but you already know how I feel about that gawjus bun of yours……And umm about my wash day, it hasn’t started because I’m being super hair lazy :(. I need to get on that.

    • This bun is getting a life of its own. I can’t control it anymore but thanks. I need to start thinking out the box like you. I wish I could prolong my wash days, but by the 5th day, its so hard.

      • Have you ever tried silicone hair bands? I love them. They don’t cause friction like the cotton ones and I hear you about prolonging your washes…3-4 days and these fine strands are limp/lifeless city.

      • I actually used to use them, but for some reason they dented my hair more so I stopped using them. I think I still have a couple but I’m not sure. Bigger bands cause more tension so I usually stick with the skinny ones but idk why because they don’t hold my hair. I’m not delusional, I just don’t want to be bothered half the time. #hairdrama

  2. your hair is lovely! love the bun too! yahhh u found your staple shampoo! before i read your post i was gonna suggest quidad’s cleansing oil shampoo, i haven’t used it myself but it SOUNDS awesome. the reviews are tempting but the price is hot 😦

    • As long as there is a sephora around, I can definitely get a sample. I hear their line is pretty good.

      Thanks. If I get it and try it, I will definitely post about it 😉

  3. I agree with the ladies, you have the best bun-game! I too apply my DC right on top of my tea rinse. I swear I get better results that way. Are you liking coffee rinses way better than tea? Can you do a post comparing the two techniques? Would love to hear your thoughts and to see if I need to make that switch!

    • I want to try applying the DC on top of the tea rinse because I have not tried it. As of right now, I won’t comment one which I like more until I try it a few more times, but I can give it about 2-3 more wash days before I compare and do a post on it. I will definitely get up on that!

    • Hey Ebony,

      Thanks! The Silk Dreams line is definitely spoiling me. I recommend it to anyone looking for something worth the money, but not ashamed of spending a little either. If I liked her shampoo, Id exclusively use her products.

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