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So I got this classy item from the post office today. I wasn’t to enthusiastic about this item at first because I’d figured it would disappoint me-> After reading the ingredients, I wasn’t sure I wanted it still because of coconut milk. I love coconut milk in my white rice and even my stew peas, but for my hair its always an epic fail. Then I thought about it and remembered that I have only used coconut milk on dry hair and coconut is chock full of protein. My hair is not very friendly to protein once dry. I’m a little scared, but Jorien never lies (well not to me anyway) so I believe it is moisturizing.

It got really good reviews on LHCF from ladies who tried so I figured “What The Hell!” Thanks take EnExit, one of my favorite relaxed chicas and PJ’s, I ordered and got excited.

Also, raspberry extract is apparently good (great actually) for growing long hair as its supposed to strengthen it. Read the back label of HE LTR and you’ll think twice.

I have thick strands but not thick hair, as in big hair, but I have this sick sad feeling that I’m gonna wish I dreamed bigger. If I like it that much I will buy more on Friday. If not, the ingredients *look* vegan, so I can pass one on to a friend. I feel like I’m gonna like it though.

I wanna eat it and my cousin told me her daughter thinks the vanilla silk is edible.

Next, I finally tried coffee rinsing. Made my crown itch a little more, but my hair itched less during the week when sweating. Coffee is acidic, but where its cultivated makes a difference as well. I used some Starbucks Kenya which is a medium roast. I had French pressed it because I wanted iced coffee and that method brews the best coffee but I didn’t use when I intended to so I just used it as a rinse. It’s not as acidic as Spanish coffee and its a medium roast so it isn’t roasted for super long and has a good caffeine content. Lighter roast have the most caffeine and so forth. I’m a fan of African and French coffee as I don’t like acidic coffee.

I really liked the coffee rinse. I had VERY tamable hair this week. I will try it again. Not sure if I will use it indefinitely, but I was really impressed with it. It also made my red hairs more pronounced and for once I liked it.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s wash day!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


11 thoughts on “New Products and Methods

  1. i ❤ your reviews, so i cannot wait. i purchased the DB pumpkin seed conditioner because of you and i intend to use it next week!!!

    • Thanks Mandy!

      I hope you like the PSC. A few ladies on LHCF are talking about it now. Please let me know how it works out for you. I’m super stingy with my PSC because I want it to last forever.

  2. I just recently found EnExit’s blog and I can tell it will be trouble! After an hour reading through it, I knew that I had found a PJ soulmate….and now I have a long list of new items I am looking at…sigh..

    I was looking at that conditioner, but like you, I am not a huge fan of coconut milk. I hope it works for you and I will look forward to your review!

    • Don’t you just love her. I read a few posts and stopped myself because I saw myself about to order some Claudies. I calmed down on my PJ-ism so I can’t afford to pick up any habits now.

      I was skeptical on the coconut milk too, but I got the idea to try it from you. If something doesn’t work one way, it might work another. Coconut milk is too strong my dry hair, but I figured if I use it as a rinse off, it might work much better. I will keep you posted!

  3. I will be using the Razzberry Coconut conditioner for the second time next week. So far, I’m digging it. I’m going to check the blog the commenter mentioned. It sounds like a good one.

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