Setting Goals

So as I’m reading numerous blogs and even LHCF, everyone has goals.

I. Suck. At. Goals. When they aren’t planned out well that is.

I’m a Short Term to Long Term person who see things over time. My monthly goals are paying bills. My yearly goals pertain to real life stuff. Like my’s hurr….

So I suck at stuff monthly. Here are my usual goals:
-I already exercise 4 days a week.
-I barely eat meat. Just a predictable pesce/vegetarian.
-I take my vitamins daily.
-I’m limiting coffee or caffeine 2x a day. So I usually do a cup of coffee in the morning (you don’t wanna meet me without that first cup) and a Fourbucks (Starbucks lol) refresher in the noon.
-Buy less hair products. I’m doing well with this. I gave up on shampoo and I only want to try 2 items from BASK Beauty. As long as I stick to what I know when I do repurchase, it’s not new to me. I’ll look into buying BASK products in August unless I can steal a few bucks from that man who gave me his last name.

My short term goals:
-Get a half wig. My cousin yelled at me because she suggested this a year ago, but I told her I was so upset at the progress of my hair, I didn’t want to be one of those girls who just hid my hair under weaves/wigs as the answer. Now I’m learning that might be the answer.
-Im probably going to stick with 3 month stretches for a while, then up my way to a 6 month stretch for colder months only. I think I can do it.
-Get rid of 3 inches of ends. That should work with the wigs.
-Be a nice U shaped MBL by next summer.
-Be a nice U shaped WL by next winter (2014). Some people rush these goals, but since I’m not trying to half ass these goals (not saying anyone is), I need to be realistic about my hair.
-I need to get rid of ends and it will take me til the end of the year to grow the 3″ I want to get rid of. After I get rid of them, I will only gain 3″ by next summer. I only need 3″ to reach MBL. So when I say I don’t expect to be MBL until next summer, I really mean that!!!! And I’m willing to be patient.
-I need to use my steamer more. But this is another post.
-Master Crow and a Handstand. Gain steadiness in half moon.

Long term goals:
-Reaching and maintaining WL.
-Relaxing 3 times a year.
-Master regular and revolving Crow.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

6 thoughts on “Setting Goals

    • Thanks! At first I use to press it, but then I realized its gonna happen when it happens, so why not just take some put stops along the way.

    • Thanks. I guess Im lazy. I want healthy long hair, I just don’t want to touch it much due to fear. I hope it works out for me.

  1. Girl, my goal is to try and keep as much hair on my head as I can throughout my transition by keeping breakage to a minimum. I bought a wig a couple of weeks ago (STILL waiting for it to get here) so that I can go into protective style mode. My issue with wigs has always been the fear of it looking ‘wiggy’! I have seen WAY too many wigs that look like one my grandma would wear…

    • I’m buying one next week hopefully. I’m gonna start shopping now. I figured I would get a human half-wig as close to my texture are possible. Wigs use to get such a bad rep but they are definitely necessary these days.

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