Relaxer Day

Relaxer day!!!!

Be cautioned, this is lengthy. I also recorded this, so I hope to post a video soon.

I really wanted to hold off, but its too hot and it was becoming a trial putting my hair in a simple ponytail. I had this bad hump on the top that only pins could hold down. It caused my head to be rather dome shaped. I don’t mean to be cute, but lets face it, we are all a little vain. I could have really held out, but with the heat, sweaty scalp and dry hair and new growth, I just couldn’t. Adrienne I don’t know how you do it!!!

I was 13 weeks post and had:
-1.5″ of growth in the front
-2″ of growth in the crown
– >1.5″ but < 2" in the back/nape area


So I started with sectioning my hair in a) halves then b) preparting those sections. It makes application faster. Then I applied base to my scalp, CHI (I know, but I forget to buy silk amino acids) and coated that with Crisco. This took about an hour with my hair not making it any easier.




Next I set up my wash station. I’m trying to go from the bathroom mirror to the bathtub in less than 5 seconds, so that means being prepared.

I relaxed with Mizani Butter Blends Normal Lye Relaxer and applied with a sprush. I used the half and half method. I did the first half in less than 10 minutes including application, smoothing once and getting my front edges super straight and certain parts of my front half straight. Not bone straight but not texlaxed either. After washing, I did the second half in the same amount of time. Timing it from recording, it may be been 8-10 minutes. That’s a record for me.

I used Millcreek Organics Keratin Conditioner for my mid protein step. It has hydrolyzed keratin as the second ingredient. It wasn’t too strong and it didn’t cause my hair to revert or curl too much. I then neutralized with Motions NS. I used it for 5-6 minutes the first time, then 10-15 minutes the second wash. Last, I used Isoplus NS as an indicator only. Once I see white, I’m good. Something worth mentioning is that the Crisco takes a while to wash off. If you try it, you’ll notice after the first wash, you hair will feel silky soft, the the second wash it will still feel slighty soft and after the last wash, it will feel like hair again. The Crisco takes a while to wash away. Im paranoid of runoff so that was my specific purpose for using it.

I used Roux PC after rinsing to ensure full normalization. I know better safe than sorry, but for someone with closed cuticles (I fail to believe them heauxs are tight) it just tightened my hair even more. It was hard to peel apart, but at least I know it was good.


This is me during neutralizing. The half you can see is neutralized, the other half is unprocessed.


This is my hair after both sides are processed.

Goodbye Cealy, Hello Side Show Bob hair!

After, I was so tired I just put some Silk Dream Vanilla Silk and went to bed.

It isn’t a Tasia Wash Day without a rollerset.


Texture Shot. It looks much straighter than it is thanks to some CHI and rollerset.




You know what time it is! I cut about 1/4″ of an inch in the back half, cleaned up my crown (from recovering crown breakage) and 1/2″ from the front.

This shot wasn’t too great…

The flash made this shot not so great, but you can see the straightness of the rollerset on texlaxed hair. My texlaxed hair just has better definition when straightened.


Grazing MBL 🙂

Clearly, what I’m doing is working. No jokes about it. No cockiness about it. If what your doing works, try new products, but continue the method that works for you! I want to try one last conditioner line, BASK beauty, as I have heard great things about the line from bloggers, customer reviews, forums and my friend. If the products are getting you there, what makes you think they won’t keep you there???

My hair has come a long way. I never thought id see the day my hair would be grazing MBL and healthy. I never thought I alone would be the one to get it there. But I’m doing and in the process I’m trying to covert EVERYONE!!!! Lmao.


Y’all know Tasia loves her buns…. And on that note,

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


10 thoughts on “Relaxer Day

    • Thanks Boo!!!!

      Nah I’m not MBL yet. I’m still BSL!!!! I give till November, and I should be claiming MBL. Then I’ll sit at that length for about a year. But right now, I’m still with my BSL ladies!!!!

  1. Awww yeah! Full MBL, here you come!! Hair looks nice and healthy and you take care of your ends. Well done! Girl, that is why I have to damp bun. If I bunned my airdried hair, my hump would be 2 feet off my head!

    You are so right about using and sticking with what works. I have been doing well with that over the past couple of months. I have really calmed down my PJ flare ups because trying everything new under the sun was causing me breakage and costing me money!

    • I have never thought about damp bunning. I get breakage so easily when my hair is wet, so I’m scared to do too much when wet.

      I’ve calmed down too on my PJism as I am just content with what I have and scared of a setback at this point in my journey. I’m still recovering from crown breakage, so that’s one setback enough. I am also spoiled with my products, so I don’t want to be bothered with anything else.

      Thanks Age!!!

  2. Beautiful results, Tasia! Can’t wait until I hit BSL, which I i’m hoping to reach by next spring.
    In the rollerset pic, is that a t-shirt/or towel you have around your neck. Are you using it to covers your ears and neck from the heat because girl I have never thought of that. That is such a great idea. My hair dryer gets so hot it was almost unbearable but maybe that could work for me.

    • Hey Andrea,
      You’ll be there sooner I believe. Your hair is healthy, so you’ll get there easier. My hair was getting healthy for the last year so this is the first time it’s BSL and healthy.
      That is an old tshirt. When my husband stops wearing them, I just take them. I use to have stick towels on my ears back in my salon days, so now its just a habit. It definitely keeps me from running from the dryer.

      Thanks boo!

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