Product Review: Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

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Paul Mitchell shampoo one is a gentle formula cleansing shampoo, suitable for colored hair. Conditioning agents improve the surface and texture of the hair and improve manageability. It has a mild combination of ingredients balanced to produce a rich lather and protect color. Fortified with algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary. Good for chemically treated and colored hair.

The Nitty Gritty: 

This is a shampoo that I was not expecting to like. I originally bought it thinking it was a clarifier as Shampoo Two and Shampoo Three are (I would not recommend these two for ANYONE chemically processed!). I thought it would serve as a clarifier until I bought it, took it home and read the label: Gentle Wash Shampoo!!! Argh, I was upset, but since it was Spring and I get bad build-up in the Spring, I figured it could come in handy when needed. The first time I used it, I noticed my hair wasnt stripped and softer. Then, I started noticing how the Elasta QP left me in the air when I air dried, so I tried this shampoo one day hoping and praying it would not be too stripping for air dried hair. It was perfect!. So it became a staple and a go to when Im confused about the styling on my hair. Right now, Im digging it. I could not find one bad thing to say about it. Okay, one: Sulphates. But it has a very gentle smell and a little goes a long way.

The Overthinking On Shampoos:

So, a lot of us usually have a hard time finding shampoos because we just have this perception of what shampoos are supposed to do. Im the number one guilty person of this. I know what a HOT is supposed to do, a DC, a Leave-in, a Moisturizer and even a Sealer. I know when I don’t like them and I do like them. But when you’ve never had a good shampoo, it becomes harder. Anyway, so I guess this is what a shampoo is supposed to do: Clean and not Strip. I find it to be gentler than sulfate free stuff Ive tried and while it is cleaning, my hair never feels dry, crispy or straw-like. It never feels “soft” but I feel like the wash is “Gentle”. I can attribute the feeling to breaking down the ingredients and analyzing a) detergents wash b) silicones rinse-off and soften c) natural ingredients moisturize and d) salts break down excess protein.

After using this shampoo, I realized a shampoo is only as good as the results it will yield with your conditioner. Im really starting to learn that. Any other shampoos I have used have left me with blah results. I used this shampoo with 3 conditioners and I got good results with moisturized hair for 3-4 days compared to my normal 2-3 days using previous shampoos with the same conditioners. I wash in sections and use less than a quarter-sized amount for my largest section and nickel to dime sized amounts for my smaller sections. You do not need a lot of this.

If you are against sulphates, I definitely encourage buying the GVP brand or getting a sample. This is a shampoo I had no expectations on and thought I would hate. I don’t hate it. I don’t want to like it, but I cannot find one reason to dismiss it. I am trying one more shampoo, I have no faith in it either, but regardless to what happens, this shampoo will probably be a staple. I feel content with it. I will keep a sulphate free for back-up, but if I just happen to stick with this shampoo, I won’t be mad at all.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

  1. *Cue the hallelujah chorus*
    Once I am done with my Elasta QP shampoo, I will be picking up the GVP version of this shampoo (I HOPE it yields the same results). I don’t mind sulfates in my shampoo as long as it doesn’t strip the crap out of my hair! Great review and I am crossing my fingers!

    • Cross them hard. I just like the fact that I have softness for days after using this with my conditioners. I noticed too that I wasnt m&s as much with using it. I only realized it after wondering if my hair would be drier because it has sulphates. Then i touched and I was like “ummm hair your soft” lol. I hope you like it. Actually, I hope your satisfied with it.

  2. i use the PM shampoo 2 and 3, but you mentioned you won’t recommend them for chemically treated hair, why is that?

    • The shampoo 2 is supposed to be really strong and shampoo 3 is a swimmers shampoo. The sodium thiosulfate in shampoo 3 can affect your hair if you use lye base relaxers because of the fact that its the chemical in texturizers I believe. I read up on it, even saw reviews and the shampoo 3 didn’t yield good results on curly and relaxed heads. The shampoo 2 might be hard, but its typically for oily hair, so those shampoos clean more.

      If they work for you, don’t listen to me. I just read up alot of them after mistakenly buying the shampoo one and that’s why I got the Redken for clarifying.

  3. I’ll have to make a note to try this one. I really haven’t found a shampoo that I am just wild about. This one could be a winner. I have plenty to use up though, before I try anything new. Great review!

    • I haven’t found a great shampoo either, but I like the fact that my conditioners work better with this shampoo. That’s mainly why it’s a keeper.

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