Wash Day

I haven’t had a good wash day in a while so I crossed my fingers hoping this one would.

I started with Redken Creme Cleanser which stripped my hair so much, I was scared to touch it. It was super stripped. When I looked in the mirror, I looked like a long term transitioner with wet, curly hair and bone straight ends looking flimsy in comparison to the natural hair. I’m so serious. I found it to be hilarious.

I did a patch test for my tea rinse. Uh uh.

Used Curl Junkie Repair Me and sat with the heating cap for 7 minutes. Slip city.

Patch tested with my tea rinse again. Much better this time. My hair was nice and soft after that protein. I could actually detangle, though I wouldn’t recommend.

Sectioned my hair in five and applied Biolage Hydratherapie Cera-Repair and Darcy’s Botanicals Pumkin Seed Conditioner. Sat under the heating cap for 1 hour.

Applied Phytokeratine, CHI SI and water, then rollerset in sections.

My bonnet drier gets so hot and in conjunction with the summer temps, I couldn’t sit under my dryer. I set the timer for 53 minutes (I give it time to heat up) but I’m usually hopping out at 45 minutes.

Tried to dust, but no hair here.


This was all that came out after combing the curls out combined with 3 other hairs. I was very impressed. Clearly, I needed protein though my hair made me originally think otherwise.


I took this picture for a challenge, but I’m grazing MBL. I want to cut my bone straight ends, but I told myself no because I can hold out until the end of the year to cut. I was reading Jen from JustGrowAlready.com and she reminded me that new growth makes you hair seem thinner than it is.

I was very happy with my wash day. Just some noticeable mentions:

-The Redken stripped my hair, but it needed it. My buildup was so bad that my hair wasn’t really responding to anything (not that it ever does) I’d use during the week.

-The Repair Me worked really well adding back protein and a good amount of slip. I felt the Repair Me penetrates better than my Millcreek Organics Keratin, but its more than likely due to amino acids rather than just hydrolyzed protein. I also used heat which I usually don’t do for protein anymore.

-Last, I feel the shampoo, though stripping, left me with better protein results and the protein left me with superior DC results. I was sad at first, but clearly, the means were justified by the end.

I cant complain 🙂

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


4 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. You know, I tried the Repair Me about a week ago and I am LOVING it so far! I didn’t want to get too excited just yet, but initial review: awesome! I know exactly what you mean about those pesky relaxed ends but they will be chopped off soon enough!

    • That Repair Me is crack!!!! I don’t want to be excited too soon but I am making it a staple unless it proves otherwise.

    • Ebony,
      I’m lazy with my hair during the week so roller setting just makes it easier to maintain. Sometimes I stand in the mirror and question “Why did I do this?” But the results always make me happy. You’ll be there soon. I was surprised my hair even reached that area myself!

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