Journey To The Center Of My Back: Stretching

“Stretching ain’t easy”

I don’t think anyone ever said it was either. Just like most things in life, things just become better to deal with, with time and practice.

So I am going for my first 16 week/4 month stretch. I’m doing it for a vanity reason (its not that bad, I just want manageable hair for a special occasion in September), but after weighing the pros and cons, it has more pros than cons. If I can successfully stretch for 4 months, I will do another by the end of the year before I attempt a 6 month/24 week stretch over the winter.

Anyway, that brings to the main subject: S-Curl. I started using this bad boy at the beginning of my journey although I thought it was stupid and never told anyone. I mostly thought I was stupid for using something that could possibly make me look like something out of Coming To America. Come on, you know you thought the same thing too!!!! After scanning the ingredients, its pretty much water, glycerin and pathenol. It’s helped me greatly, but then last summer, I hid the bottle for wanted to try other items.

I dismissed my old bottle my last stretch because I was trying to reduce Paraben usage but then what do you know? A new and improved version surfaces. I didn’t want to bother because they added Argan and Olive oils I believe (Argan is to heavy for my hair and Olive sometimes leaves me subject to build-up and sticky hair) but I decided to try it again.

As usual, S-Curl will leave your hair wet for about 1-3 days depending on porosity (usually 2-3 days for me) but I did have manageable new growth. After I washed and deep conditioned, once detangling, I had super manageable roots. Even with rollersetting with that small tooth comb, it was still pretty ok to deal with. I had no reakage while combing wet hair in the shower and I had few broken hairs when smoothing for rollers. Even after removing rollers, I was paranoid that I had never seen that small amount of hair. At almost 11 weeks, I’m EXPECTING breakage

My new thoughts: using S-Curl as a prepoo a day or two before washing.

Any Cons? Depending on porosity and regimen, this could leave build-up. A little of this goes a long way, but for me, I’d have to use it before a wash day as from my previous experiences, using it after a wash day makes my hair sticky and untouchable. And did I mention wet for days?

I’m not ecstatic about the new formula due to the new oils and possible buildup, but the new formula also resulted in better detangling results on my wash day. The old one didn’t. I’ll take better detangling with a side of buildup for $100 if it helps prolong stretching!!!

A penny for your thoughts in S-Curl?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


10 thoughts on “Journey To The Center Of My Back: Stretching

  1. Just ended my 5month stretch and what really helped was tea rinse, weekly deep conditioning and low manipulation. Still can’t get over the fullness and volume I recorded. Just take it one step at a time.

  2. The old S-Curl would leave build up like crazy on my hair. I also felt like it never dried. The newer S-Curl isn’t as bad as far as build up but the wet feeling still persists. I think my hair doesn’t like glycerin in the proportion that S-Curl must have it in because that’s the only time I have that feeling.
    I use other sprays because they work better for my hair without the “wet” feeling (Komaza Califia Moisturizing Spray, diluted Darcy’s Botanicals CLTC, diluted Giovanni Weightless Leave In & Shea Moisture Transitioning Cream or Botanical Milk).

    • I attribute the wet feeling to LP hair because nothing absorbs in LP hair. The new formula is a bit heavier IMO, as the old formula was lighter but neither absorb. The new formula just detangles better for me.

      The other stuff you mentioned is good too, but neither work for me except for the LTC and that that only works as a leave-in. As a moisturizer, it fails 🙂

  3. Scurl used to be my staple leave-in and moisturizer when I was relaxed and was really helpful during stretches. Eventually, it started making my roots a really ugly shade of brown and I actually read that others had the same thing happen to them. Not sure what that was about! It was really helpful for detangling and ng softness but like you said, I did experience buildup rather quickly. I am still trying to determine if my hair likes glycerin in high doses…

    • Really! The old formula just didn’t sit well with me for some reason. I never had brown roots but the old formula didn’t make my hair feel well. I mean it helped with stretching, but I couldn’t touch it because of wetness. The new formula acts a little better, but you know I’m sketchy about glycerin. I don’t really rely on it, but I just need for my Ng to stay moisturized enough to not break during this stretch and not feel crunchy during the week.

      The struggle, I tell ya!

  4. I agree with every single thought you had regarding s-curl. It can leave your hair wet, definitely causes build up for me after a few days but keeps your new growth soft and manageable which reduced breakage at my line of demarcation.

    Found your blog from your siggy on LHCF…beautiful hair!

  5. I was thinking about trying scurl cause I did here good things about it. My sister just started using s curl and touching her hair put me off of scurl cause her
    hair was quite sticky from it. It didnt leave her with wet hair. I’ll stick to diluted leave
    in and glycerin in a spray bottle. It dosent make my hair sticky

    • Water and glycerin mixed with oil worked just as good for me. The good thing a out scurl is just that it works as a great prepoo on my new growth.

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