New Product: Silk Dreams Go Moist

Steph: I still need to find a Shampoo!
Me: Yeah, Good luck with that…

So this was a statement my friend made the other day while we were at the gym. Just in case you really didn’t think I was as sarcastic in real life as I am as a blogger. She’s natural and we had the only conversation on regimens, shampoos and natural mothers.

So, I know she has had a hard time finding a shampoo and what’s harder is that she is vegan. Now while I don’t discriminate (not saying she “intentionally” does) but as long as there is no testing on animals I’m pretty cool, but as a Vegan, the struggle is real. Anyway, so I told her when I find a good shampoo, I’d let her know. I’m content with what I have, with the Paul Mitchell leaving my hair overall softer but the Elasta QP leaving my hair more moisturized. But I need both in one!!!

After the CA discussion on LHCF, I did purchase the Silk Dream Go Moist.



2 thoughts on “New Product: Silk Dreams Go Moist

  1. I recently purchased this item and am waiting for it to arrive. I didnt see a product review for it, how did you like it?

    • It was too smoothing for me. It was good, but since I have low porosity hair, I have to be careful with products that smooth my hair.

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