JTTCOMB: Stretching

So, I am attempting my first 16 week stretch. Not sure how this is supposed to go. I mean, I know I’m supposed to stretch, relax, be happy at all this length, possibly avoid over processing and live in glory until my roots make a comeback. I’m just not sure how to feel about this.

I have been switching between rollersetting and airdrying lately. I actually don’t hate air drying in the spring as I usually do during the winter. Because cowashing normally involves me dcing after using a rinse-off conditioner, it just tightens my cuticles (because they are a rinse-off) and I realized that’s the reason I hate cowashes. Just dcing and either walking around or under a heating cap works fine. Doesn’t matter anyway, my hair still feels soft in that “cone-y” way, regardless of the conditioner I use. I never hate the feeling, but I’m not against it either.

Got my tangle teezer in the mail. I actually saw it on my kitchen counter when I returned from a wedding. My husband said “what’s that supposed to do again” and I said “Adrienne told me to get it to get the hair out so it has to work!” He just laughed and walked away. I plan to use it the next time I airdry my hair.

My friend told me at the gym after using a shampoo with carboxylic acid, the dryness went away. I smiled and told her good. The conversation went down hill from there (lol).

So far, my stretch is going well. I can relax anytime after 11 weeks, but if the breakage subsides, I’ll hold off as much as possible to 16 weeks. Because of the changing textures, its becoming easier.

We’ll see how it goes.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


7 thoughts on “JTTCOMB: Stretching

  1. You can do it, Tasia!
    I picked up a Tangle Tamer (the small one) at Sally’s after reading Adrienne’s review on the Tangle Teezer and I like it. I feel like I get smoother airdried results when i detangle with it too. Also I saw EnExit’s post regarding the carboxylic acids so I’m planning to figure out which poos to focus on to get this benefit. Thanks for sharing this update and Good Luck with your stretch! 🙂

    • I used the teezer and because I was in a rush, I just put it down, but even after just trying it, I understand what she meant by it seeming like it won’t do anything, but it really did. When I roller set later, I had less tangles on that side that I experimented on.

      As for the CA’s, even if you just find a clarifying shampoo, that helps too. Only my clarifier has them, but it still works very well.

  2. I officially ended my 24 week stretch to a 20week stretch. I can’t wait any longer and I’ve decided to go to a stylist for my touch up. How they’re going to react to the amount of new growth? I really don’t know and don’t care. But once they make a wrong move, I’m out of the chair and bolting for my car. Wish you the best on this stretch. I’ve heard every kind of nasty comments on this stretch. Everyone’s asking “are you so broke that you can’t pay for a touch up?”

  3. LOL!!! I hope you like it and that it works for you Tasia and it will be so helpful for your stretch. I believe you can make your 16 week goal! Good luck!

    • I know I can. The question is will all these pretty haired ladies I see on the train not tempt me????? I’m pushing the calendar for August.

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