2 Washes, 1 Day

This is how I started my wash day;



I wanted to recreate my twist out so my eyes were on the prize.

So I washed with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. Good so far.

Tea Rinsed with black, green, chamomile, horsetail and burdock teas. Good so far.

DC-Ed with Silk Dreams Chocolate Bliss Conditioner. This is where it started to go wrong. The first time I tried this conditioner, I got it on promotion and received it free when it first came out. I wanted to like it, actually, I wanted to love it (have you seen the ingredients) but it never moisturized well enough. This time I left it on for 35 minutes, used it under the steamer, and when my husband asked rhetorically “you have conditioner in your hair” I knew it was sitting on top and didn’t absorb. Normally, you cannot see conditioners on my hair once left on under heat/steam. While applying I couldn’t finger tangle like I normally do and after rinsing, my hair felt…. Slightly dry. I’ll again with a heating cap the next time I use it.

After rinsing, I tshirt dried then proceeded to detangle and do a twist out. I used Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner and then some CHI heat protectant because I wanted to dry under my bonnet dryer.

When I was done, my hair felt sticky, dry and like residue-doo city. I proceeded to just style my hair because I had to leave to a picnic. I washed my hands 3 times to make sure I wasn’t feeling things. When I got to the park, I had my cousin feel my hair. She said “it feels ok, not too dry, but its not moisturized.” I almost cried.

I hate washing 2x in one day but it was clearly necessary. However, I had to find a reason to wash again so my husband wouldn’t make a slick comment. Sitting and standing next to a grill was enough of an excuse 😉

These were my captain save-a-hoes:


The shampoo I never expected to like and the conditioner that looks like body lotion and surprises me all the time.

I just washed (one lather as usual) and DC-Ed under heat this time. After that I just rollerset and use the CHI Keratin Silk Infusion. Thanks to EnExit, I dug out my Phyto ends repair serum with keratin. I know the whole name of the product is spelled extra wrong.


I guess I deleted the other photos, but the curls didn’t drop as quickly after using the CHI KSI. They just sat there. I did a strand test, and it was pretty smooth sailing. So far, my initial impression is that I like it. It just leaves my hair lighter than the CHI SI. I could still see myself liking CHI SI more because nothing ever compares to the original 😦 but the KSI left my roots WAY more manageable at 9 weeks post.

As far as the Phyto, I only applied it to my ends before roller setting. When I used this over a year ago at the start of my journey, I remember not liking it because I thought it didn’t work. Now that all that porous damaged hair is gone, it really is a good serum. I dusted a taste (I’m slighty OCD if you didn’t know) so afterwards, my ends looked like they were just trimmed.


If your a fan of Kelis, I’m singing “Good Stuff” because that’s exactly what this stuff is. You don’t know!

It was a wash day gone wrong and turned right. I’m gonna figure that chocolate bliss out, but the only thing I can say is that I might have to tea rinse AFTER using this product.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

9 thoughts on “2 Washes, 1 Day

  1. …….I applied my tea/DC at ten. Asked me have I sat under a dryer and even attempted to cowash yet?….SMH lol! I’m glad your wash day went ok though. I seriously need to pull out my DB Pumpkin Seed Condish and give it another shot. The first time I tried it, it was a huge miss. I hope you see results with the Phyto this time around. I love the stuff!

    • Yeah, that happens. We all get a little lazy. When I’m super tired stuff stays in overnight o_O the Darcy’s DB is very weird. I stated in a review that it gets my mixed reviews. I never expected to like it but there are many ways to use it. I like it most as a DC for cowash (as in DC on dry hair then wash) and second as a DC.

      The Phyto is my new best friend.

  2. Girl, I had to wash my hair twice in one day after using that darn koils by nature. I was not happy about having to redo the whole, LONG process but I don’t feel right if my hair doesn’t feel moisturized. Girl, every time I come on here, you have something new for me to try!!

    • What’s funny is that my friend knows the owner of Koils by Nature and has been telling me to look in my stuff, but I think I’ll pass thank you very much!

      • Pass like your life depended on it!! I cannot begin to completely describe now that leave in made my hair feel and the breakage I got…I won’t even bother to try other products from that line because the LI burned me so bad!

      • Oh man!!! I’m so sorry. I know she has been featured by some celebrities and stuff. Not sure. But I would think it was better. I value your opinion, so I’m definitely going to leave that alone!!!!

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