Wash Day

I couldn’t wait to have straight hair again though I did love my big hair.

I started with a prepoo for a few hours with Apricot, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil. Honestly, I like this mixture. Very softening.

I washed with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo once. I think I scrubbed my scalp too much because it itched terribly overnight. I know it wasn’t the shampoo because Ive been using a while now and I really do not scrub my scalp when I wash, so since I was trying to get to my new growth as much as possible, I scrubbed too hard. I have a really sensitive scalp.

Followed up with a tea rinse.

My hair had a little stretch, so I use Silk Dream Mocha Silk Infusion and sat under the heating cap for 8 minutes. Rinse.

DC-ed with Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk under my steamer. For once, I liked this conditioner under the steamer as I usually do not. After it cooled, I rinsed and detangles with my Hercules Rake.

I proceeded to roller set with my handy dandy spray bottle and CHI Silk Infusion. I used my Hercules medium and small tooth combs.



This was after roller setting my entire head…

photo 1-1


8 weeks post and this is what I am working with. I tried stretching my hair as tight as I could stand.

photo 2-1


My curls literally dropped when I took my hair out. That never happened so I couldn’t figure out how it happened this time.

photo 3


photo 4


Sorry for the bra shot, but it was HOT in my apt and it was 90 degrees F this past weekend. Im still at BSL, but this is not the bra I normally use to length check. If I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t believe it was me. Seriously.

I think my hair came out better due to the increase in ceramides I used during the week. Nothing else in my regimen changed so far.  Either that or the weather. Humidity does cause the hair the drop a bit. Last, I used a) Mocha Silk b) Vanilla Silk and c) CHI Silk Infusion. MAD SILK!!! Not sure, but when I took it out this morning, not only did it lay down, but I don’t look 8 weeks post  (unless you look at my edges, they don’t lie).

I am really in no rush to relax if my hair keep behaving like this. Only 8 weeks to go… Or as I like to look at it, 7 weeks after my next wash day.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Hair=gorgeous! I SO miss my straight hair! I can’t wait to straighten it in September. I cannot believe that is ALL the hair you lost at 8 weeks post. I keep sleeping on tea rinses but no more!!

    • Well that’s how much came out while rollersetting. I was happy because I was expecting breakage. After it dried was another story. Because of no combing, my hair shed a bit, but it was way less than I expected. It was about 3 times the amount shown, but it was still less than I expected overall.

      I can’t wait till you straighten so I can straight drool…

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