Product Review: Organix Macadamia and Awapuhi Ginger Oils

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I apologize for the glare but I really wanted you to see the ingredients.

Ok, so I started using both of these items because a) the Coconut Milk Serum was too light for me, so I had to use it daily and b) the ingredients seemed more suitable to my hair type. I like both oils, a lot. There are some days I cannot choose which oil to use, so I just go with God (not really), but you get my drift. I will review both of them through comparison as I use them when I feel rather then depending on the hairstyle.

My reason for using this oils is because natural oils are always to heavy for me. Ironic, as both oils contain cones, but these are surprisingly light, non-greasy and do not weigh my hair down. Both oils are dry oils (meaning non-sticky, so they could absorb better), and like oils on my skin, dry oils treat me much better versus regular oils which treat me good, but do weigh after a while.

Awapuhi Ginger Oil: Promises to deeply moisturize to soften and mend coarse hair with keratin to fortify each strand to restore and strengthen hair. Ingredients include Awapuhi Ginger (moisturizing for coarse hair), Keratin (its only right), Cocoa Butter (moisturizing), Coconut Oil (penetrating to reduce protein loss), Avocado Oil (penetrating and moisturizing) and Aloe Extract (Im guessing in this case, to combat frizziness and dryness).

Macadamia Oil: Promises to be ultra-moisturizing to hydrate hair with Sugar Cane and Bamboo Extract. Ingredients include Macadamia Oil (really good for hair that is damage or ideal for heat treated hair), Sugar Cane (hydrating), Bamboo Extract (promotes stronger hair) and Linseed Oil (which is flaxseed oil, duh… bring on the Omega’s).

So, if you look at the ingredients, you could see why I use them both interchangeably.

The Awapuhi Ginger contains keratin and I love my roller set hair. This oil keeps my hair sleeker looking and when I use it with my moisturizer, I only need to moisturize my hair maybe once or twice after. I moisturize 2-3 days after roller setting, so the Awaphui Ginger helps to keep my hair moisturized (though its never really dry). Soft hair is smooth city for me! I prefer this oil when I roller set.

The Macadamia, on the other hand, has no protein, so I have to be careful when I use it. I know I have low po hair, but it is very subject to moisture overload, and that is not fun. When I use the Macadamia, it leaves me with “moist, hydrated hair” rather than soft hair. The difference meaning that my hair doesn’t feel mushy, but it does feel moist and does have a little added stretch. When I have soft hair, I know my protein levels are good with my moisture. When my hair feels moist, if feels wet and overloaded. Do not be fooled, it is a good oil, but my hair is subject to moisture overload, so I have to be careful when I use it. I use this oil when I roller set, especially on wash days, but I prefer when I air dry my hair.

What I really like about these oils is that you do not need much. Before I started using them, I thought they would be heavy and cause breakage, but it is actually the other way around. Now I am not against cones, I just do not use them because they break my hair, but as I have been learning, I can use cones once my hair is washed and DC-ed, as my hair use to break when I used DC’s with cones. I guess my hair must be healthier, because there was a time when cones in a heat protectant was bad for me. They do not weigh the hair down as they are dry, and a little goes a long way. I use them at night, and the next day, my hair looks good. Never too shiny, glossy, no clumping and good enough for daily use. The smells are nice as well.

**These are not to be compared with the Glass Serums. Those are heavy, as I have used them and I would not recommend**

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


8 thoughts on “Product Review: Organix Macadamia and Awapuhi Ginger Oils

  1. Great post. It’s all about what works for your hair. I’ve been trying not to go overboard on cones for worrying about clogging and breakage and my hair isn’t at optimal health yet. I have one question. What exactly are glass serums?

    • Hey Andrea,
      Yeah, I avoided cones earlier in my journey because parts of my hair (mostly the bone straight hair) was very porous, so the cones didn’t help. While I still have a decent amount of straight hair, its not bone straight so it makes a big difference. The cones don’t bother me as much, but its all in how it works best for you.

      The glass serums are super thick and “glassy-like” when put on the hair. Their purpose is for shine, and they are über thick. I don’t prefer thick oils, so I stuck with the dry styling oils.

  2. Glass serums….I swear that I didn’t know they had a name. I can tolerate cones in my heat protectant but not the thick ones. The Awapuhi Ginger Oil looks like it would be a really good heat protectant. Do you like these better than the Chi? Do they give better rollersetting results?

    • The Ginger Awapuhi doesn’t state for heat usage. I have seen that they have products that are, but I bought specifically for sealing. They seem to work pretty well as that. I will double check, but nothing is replacing CHI for a while!!!!

      • DARN! I was hoping that it was better than the Chi and I could replace it with something cheaper! The Awapuhi Ginger Oil looks very promising. I like the ingredient listing. Great comparison review!

      • It says you can use it on damp hair, I just feel that it’s so light that it might fail me as a heat protectant. And it doesn’t state anything about using it for that, so I never bothered. I have degrees of braveness when experimenting with products, but I don’t play with heat protectants. I’m too scared!!! Lol.

  3. I’m assuming that these oils are for African-American hair but I am a caucasian, but due to a health issue my hair is very dry and brittle so I have tried just about everything to tame my hair and have not had any luck, I ran accrossed the macadamia oil and have used it a couple times. I was kinda scared at first just for the simple fact that in my mind I thought that putting oil in my hair would make my hair heavy and oily, but, after I tried it the first time my hair was so soft, smooth, & very light. It seems to be helping the split ends some as well. My hair now is looking about 50% better than before I started using it. I have only used it maybe 3 times but every time I use it I notice it looks better. So I will continue using it.

    • Hi Tracy,

      Not really. I always thought Organix was targeted for whoever it worked for. AA have the driest hair due to protein bonds but macadamia oil can benefit all hair types that is dry. Keep using it because it really does work.

      Thanks for visiting. I hope you find more useful information here.

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