I normally do not cowash, but spring is an exception.

I was still rocking a twist out yesterday when all of a sudden my hair went from sleek to flyaway central. I’d never had this problem, so I figured it was the temperature spike here in NY.

I used the rest of my Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner since the pump stopped working the last time I used it.


I left it in for 40 minutes while I helped the hubby bake some cookies. No heating cap or steamer. Then I rinsed in the shower.

Now I’m an idiot. I always think I have this little bit of hair or what my husband says “you swear you have bald spots, you don’t have a little bit of hair!” So after I washed, I tshirt dried for 30-40 minutes then proceeded to detangle. I knew I’d be hitting the pillow soon enough so I tried to speed up the drying process while detangling with my diffuser attachment and my blowdryer on low heat setting. I put it on my dresser and let it blow in my direction while I detangled. After detangling with SD Wheat Germ Conditioner and Organix Awapuhi Ginger Oil, I then used the diffuser to finish drying.

Now I just saw a picture of my friends sister who is natural and her hair doubled in volume just by using a diffuser. But you know, I’m not natural and I don’t have a lot of hair so I figured it wouldn’t do much….




Yeah…. Took five minutes just to contain it in a scrunchie.



I love the thickness, but I need my straight hair back. Too bad I have a wedding to go to in a week, so there goes the neighborhood. I know what style I want to do, but don’t want to speak it in case I don’t do it. 8 weeks post and an inch of NG is no joke.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


5 thoughts on “Cowash

  1. your hair is gorgeous!!!!!! i tried the whip and omg i love it! the 1st time i used it, i thought ‘oh, oh…” but i tried it a week later and i loved it!!! i have to try that pumpkin seed conditioner next 🙂

    • Hey Mandy,

      Thanks!!! I don’t think I give my hair enough credit 😦 the cocoa bean hair whip? I love that stuff for winter time, and I think it’s use caused me to stop prepooing. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you like the pumpkin seed conditioner.

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