Twist Out

My hair didn’t decide whether it wanted to be on the moisture side or protein side. I told my hair f-u and threw some conditioner in it and sat under my steamer. It was a bit on the protein side, but I also wanted a different do and wanted to do it without washing.

I used my Silk Dream Avocado Pudding. It made my hair too soft though….

So I got my little studio together

I usually just re-wet my hair a bit, put some leave-in and then seal with the oil.

The pictures I will post are on day old hair that needed to be retwisted.

This is when the strand is not twisted or rather untwisted.

After I retwisted the 2 strand twist, I then pull a few together and rolled them on perm rods. The next day I take them out and just untwist them, then pull them up.



This is one of my best twist outs because of the softness of the curl and not just the sheen. Normally with my twist outs, I want to achieve closing the cuticles then follow up next day with moisture. This time, I decided to use the SD Wheat Germ to determine how I’d like it better. I liked it as a moisturizer and a leave-in. It left everything soft and fluffy, but not frizzy. My NG felt softer too.

What are your twist out secrets?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “Twist Out

  1. Your twist out looks great. I love how you pulled it into an up-do. I never do these because I feel like my hair is too thin. I may give it a try.

    • No. Definitely give it a try. It adds a fullness to the twist out IMO. I think my hair looks dull in a twist out anyway, so that’s why I pull it up.

  2. LOL @ I told my hair f-u! I have those days often! You have to show it whose BOSS! Your twist out looks amazing. I mean, you can really see the softness and shine in the pictures. I soooo want that SD Wheatgerm conditioner.

    • That stuff is really good. Im really liking it and I’ve barely had it a week. I’m giving it time, but after this twist out I almost bought a second bottle. I had to keep calm but wheat germ oil even does my hair good.

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