CHI Silk Infusion



This has quickly become my favorite heat protectant.

I was first hesitant of using this product for about a year specifically due to its protein content and the first 3 ingredients which are silicones. I had been using Crece Pelo because it didn’t contain cones and I was grateful. The thing about me and cones is that I can only used them as a heat protectant and in sealants as they really work best in these products. I try to avoid them in any other product I come in contact with as I cannot use them in any other way.

So one day, while in Marshall’s, I stumbled upon one of those sample bags where there’s like four little bottles in a bag, but someone had taken one of the items out the bag, so I asked for just the heat protectant. Beats paying $15 for it.

It stated its for use with heat styles on several websites. I searched for reviews but found that very people hated it. It really is a good product.

Here’s my take: The consistency is it thick like silicone, but still runny. It rubs very easy, spreads well and a little goes a long way. It provides good slip, good detangling and doesn’t rub off once on (like that white/creamy runoff you might see with some leave-ins). I use it for roller setting, but I have also used it for my cousin with the Instyler and it was wonderful. My hair comes out softer with it, minimal breakage, and increased strength. My hair is also able to retain moisture better between washes in that my low po hair doesn’t need to be moisturized until 3 days after setting and maybe 1-2x after.

The Nitty Gritty:
-This stuff has a strong smell. Not super strong as I don’t find it lingers more than a few hours to a day. It’s not totally unbearable.
-Contains Silk, Soy and Wheat Protein. It CAN mess with protein/moisture balance on either side.
-I have used this the same day I have used light and medium protein with no ill effect.
-This product for me can cause me to have moisture overload when humidity is high. This product also provides a good protein substitute. It depends on you. My hair holds moisture very well, so using this only aids it.
-This product should only be used with heat. Using this on air dried hair would probably make you cry and may cause build-up.
-I use it weekly with roller sets. Even on my NG and texlaxed hair, it straightens pretty well.
-Provides a small amount of shine, not super brilliant like most cone treatments will leave.
-Washes clean even with a sulphate free shampoo.
-One bottle could last you a while. This 2 oz bottle shown lasted me a month already and it’s maybe 1/4 used. I don’t have a little bit of hair either.

The only bad I have to say is that while this product last a while, the price is super high. It’s worth the price as a bottle probably could last you roughly 6 months or longer depending on your usage of heat. The 2 oz is about $16, 6 oz about 27 and the 12 oz about $35. These are rough prices that I know exist of this product in NYC. The 2 oz could last me about 4 months, so $4 a month. It’s not a bad buy, but if you live near a place like Ulta or Sephora who gives samples or have a friend who could give you a sample, get it like that first before you splurge.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


9 thoughts on “CHI Silk Infusion

    • I tried the Redken. Wasn’t crazy about it. I found it to be too heavy and oily. The CHI was definitely better.

  1. I have always wanted to try out the CHI Silk Infusion, but it’s pretty expensive. I ended up buying the Sally’s GVP version of it. I really haven’t used it except for to protect my hair during my relaxer. I definitely want to see if it truly compares with the CHI. Great review!

    • I’ve used Sally’s GVP brand and if you like it, the real brand may not change much. There is no Sally’s around me, so I have no choice but to settle for the real thing. Next time I get a friend near a Sally’s, I’m gonna ask them to stop by since I wouldn’t mind using it for relaxing either.

  2. I love the Chi Silk Infusion, but like you said, I hated the price. It is amazing for rollersetting. Always makes my hair super soft and bouncy with so much shine. I had to replace it with the One and Only Argan Oil serum but I definitely prefer the Chi. Great review!

    • I hear about the One and Only a lot, but i still get hesitant about it. I had a bottle in here once, but was disappointed in the ingredients. Probably read something wrong. CHI makes me actually stop looking at heat protectants when I go in BSS, so as much as I hate the price, I will stick with it 😦

  3. mhm i think i need to add this to my wishlist. i’m on the hunt for a serum which i can rollerset with plus which will protect my hair from the heat afterwards (flat iron)without re-applying and since the paul mitchell super skinny serum does not double as a heat protector i think the chi silk i fusion would be perfect for me.

    in the past i had own a 300ml bottle of it but didnt know how to use it properly and gave it away to my sister…now,after reading your review i wish i havent give it away

    • It’s a really good heat protectant. I didn’t even know how I would use it at first, but just decided to still use it in a roller set. Just to try it out. I’m glad I did because most reviews I read use it with a flat iron, and I figured if it didn’t work, I could just wash, you know.

      I’m glad I tried it though. My hair has been acting much better and less dusting with it.

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