Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Conditioner


Sorry for the bad photo but I was in a rush leaving for work and just wanted to snap a photo.

I have been eyeing this conditioner for over a year now. As a fan of, I saw that she was using it, and really wanted her opinion on it. I really value her pickiness. After she gave a good review, I was still skeptical on using it. It contains Jojoba Oil and Wheat Protein, two things my hair DOES NOT LIKE. So I’d look at it and dream with my face in my palms smiling (not really) but I never bothered to purchase it.

Then, late last year, Jojoba was exchanged to Avocado oil, a fruit my hair loves, so I began changing my mind, but I have such bad luck with leave-ins so I held off. Her Vanilla Silk used to have Jojoba, so if I’m correct she uses avocado in that too, but I wasn’t a big fan of the vanilla silk until this change. I even emailed the Owner of Silk Dreams to confirm changes because her labels still have the old formula and she told me that her newer formulas did have avocado oil.

My mind began to change…. Her Mother’s Day sale appeared…. I placed an order….

I used it today on my edges before I put gel on my edges. My edges are abnormally soft. I really do not like wheat protein, so I hope this product does not fail me. It will also have to live up to Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-in, because that stuff never fails me.

ETA: Her website was updated when I checked 5/25/13 and the ingredients listing does reflect the Avocado oil that has replaced Jojoba.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


7 thoughts on “Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Conditioner

  1. I’ve been wondering about this product. I just did a 2nd haul from Silk Dreams because of the Mother’s Day sale and I waived on that conditioner because I was skeptical of the protein. Please keep us updated!

  2. I just ordered this leave in as well during her mother’s day sale. Im hoping it will work for my hair as well. I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. I keep hearing good things about this one, so I will wait on your review. I love the price and people say it has a thick consistency. I did NOT know that the ingredients on the VS label were incorrect and that jojoba oil was removed!!! She should probably fix that because it could be a bit misleading.

    • Yeah I emailed her about that specifically because I noticed her VS does still have jojoba in it and after she posted the change, I noticed my hair liked it better. But when I emailed her, she told me she needed to update the site. It is deceiving because jojoba and my hair do not mix at all and I refused to purchase this item until I got a response from her. The consistency is thick, but it isn’t heavy thick and rubs very well.

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