Wash Day

I had two conflicts for this wash day: Needing protein and Wanting a rinse. I had to figure out how to incorporate both without conflict.

I started with clarifying with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream. Now I used to use Nexxus Aloe Rid, but since they want to be discontinuing things, I can’t find it or the price is super high. My hair had excess shedding and build-up on my hair and scalp and it needed to be clean. It left my hair clean and scalp wasn’t itching; plain and simple. It smells like apples and oranges too. Those fruit acids does a scalp good. My hair felt clean, but not stripped and when I touched it or manipulated it, it felt like it needed an aspirin, but not a defibrillator. I can’t say I hate it, I can’t say I love it, but I can say I really liked it and will probably be sticking with it and more than likely be repurchasing. I followed with my Mill Creek Organics Keratin Shampoo.

No tea rinse today.

So, because the Bigen rinse has Shea, Honey and Sunflower Oil and no protein like most rinses, I decided I would use my Millcreek Organics Keratin Conditioner (which can be left on for 10 minutes) and then out the rinse on top of it. I figured protein and a moisturizing rinse wouldn’t hurt each other, right? I put a plastic cap on and used my heating cap for 25 minutes.

Once I rinsed this out, I noticed this rinse rinses cleaner that others I have used and doesn’t drip much. I rinsed it with warm/cool water in the shower. So my hair didn’t feel hard, but it felt like it needed something… So before I dc-ed, I wanted to determine if my hair needed another wash. I put a small amount of Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner on a small section of my hair. It instantly felt revitalized. I used my Biolage Hydratherapie Cera-Repair and conditioner. I laid down under my heating cap for 30-40 minutes, then just went to bed.

About 14 hours later, I finally washed the conditioner out. There was some rinse that came out, but I think that had more to do with my scalp being super hot when I went to rinse more than anything else, because the day before it rinsed clean and I rinsed for a good 5 minutes, even after the water was clean. I only rinsed for about 30 seconds, but because of a previous bad rinse I still wanted to be sure. I normally do not leave conditioner on over night because my hair is prone to moisture overload due to a) low po hair and b) high protein usage.

I followed up with my Roux Porosity Control. I needed more slip to detangle, and though the Darcy’s provided enough, you can never have too much slip.

My hair felt ok, like it normally does after protein.

I proceeded to roller set. I got some breakage, but unlike my last wash day where it was stretch breakage, this was protein breakage which I expect after I use protein. Once the heat from the dryer hits my head, Im usually good for a few weeks. It wasn’t too much breakage, much less than last week.

My turnout was very good. I got my Natural Black color that I wanted, and my hair turned out soft and without breakage that I expected. My hair came out extra soft and thick.

I would definitely recommend this rinse if you want color and shine without the protein and it rinses pretty well. This is the first rinse in a loooong time that didn’t leave me with buildup.



It will still be a while before I wear a ponytail outside, but its nice to dream while inside.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

8 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Looking good Tasia! I am so glad you got good results using that rinse because my hair HATED it! I don’t know what I did wrong, but my hair felt terrible after I rinsed and after I DCed. My hair can be SO disrespectful sometimes…

    • When my hair was high po, it was a lot easier to manage but didn’t like Bigen. Now that its low po, its beyond disrespectful and is hard to use anything. I feel your pain, low po hair is not a joke.

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