Hair Rinse



My last experience with a hair rinse was a disaster. Literally. I had hard hair and it was breaking and shedding if you looked at it. I did love the color though. I have a couple friends from work, one who is natural and one who is relaxed, and both successfully use rinses.

Back in the day when I knew nothing about hair and hated my red hair that mixed in this head, I’d rinse my hair jet black so people wouldn’t question my hair color. Now, I just want to do it for a change.

Now I was playing with the idea because most rinses have protein in them. Being that I use a bit of protein and a rinse will coincide with a protein treatment, I decided it might be best to use an item with no protein or strengthening purpose. So as I’m browsing some BSS, I see Bigen, which I use the powder form of, and take a look at the ingredients. The rinse says oil rich, and based on the Shea butter, honey and sunflower oil, I’m sold its moisturizing, humectant and ceramide formula. No protein either.

I plan on using this AFTER a protein treatment and BEFORE a deep condition. I don’t plan on doing a tea rinse with this application.

I’ve use Bigen powder before and I really liked it but I always had too much hair for a just one box, so I’d have I buy two and that just became a pain.

Wish me luck!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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