Wash Day

Something told me to clarify this wash day, but I ignore it with reason.

I first washed with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. I had to use 2 lathers, so I knew that clarifying should have been an option.

I followed with a tea rinse of black, green, horsetail, burdock and chamomile teas. I only let this sit for 20 minutes instead of my normal 2 hours and I severely regret it after seeing all the shedding later on. It wasn’t drastic, but enough to upset me.

I deep conditioned with Silk Dream Vanilla Silk under my hearing cap for 30 minutes.

For my final rinse, I had no roux to I had to rinse my hair with cool water. The only reason I use roux is because it allows me to rinse with warmer water and not cooler water.

I use some CHI on each section and roller set then sat under the dryer for about 50 minutes.

I was not too thrilled with this roller set but I was appreciative of a few things. First, I had a bit of wet breakage. I don’t really get this anymore since using seamless combs. This means I have too much moisture. I wash with warm water closer to the hot side to open my cuticles, and deep condition in high heat to make sure my hair gets moisture. My low po hair holds moisture really well, so this is why I can get moisture overload over a small period of time. Because I’m using CHI, I know for some this may be good enough for a protein treatment substitute. Before doing a protein treatment I wanted to know if that is the case. Since my hair always exceeds my expectations (smh) I now see that 1) I have buildup and 2) I still need protein.

I want to cowash this week, but with this buildup, I’m not too sure. I just might anyway. It can’t hurt.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • I have tried to use protein leave-ins. They leave my hair hard for some reason so I gave up on them. I sold my Mocha Hair Milk on LHCF due to this.

      Thanks! I haven’t given up on them.

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