Random Nothing’s About Hair

Really contemplating coloring my hair. I’ve been wanting something different for a while. The only thing that holds me back are relaxers. Not in a bad way though. While I refuse to give up the creamy crack, I have dedicated myself to having healthy hair. Because relaxing is hard enough on my hair, I know the dedication it takes to keep my hair healthy, and I don’t have the patience to deal with double processed hair. I’ll keep dreaming and keep a dark rinse at hand when I ready for another plunge.

My 6 week hump is coming so that means one thing…. Journey To The Center Of My Back will resurface. This is just a section where I try to become more successful at stretching, breakage and retention before my next relaxer, while keeping the same habits.

My sister has a YouTube channel for natural hair, weaves and makeup. She’s given me tips on how to do my videos. Updating my Mac OS X softwware NOW!!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so I’d like for all mothers to enjoy their day and continue to be awesome. I normally Skype my mother, since she lives in Georgia, but since my younger sister has a iPhone, I guess Skype is a little on hiatus. I saw my mothers natural hair in a pic with my sister, and its looking pretty good. When she comes for my wedding in September though, I’m styling it. I’m gonna show her the business.

I bought a Sedu, used. I’m waiting. I really hope I like it.

What’s on your mind?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


4 thoughts on “Random Nothing’s About Hair

  1. You will LOVE the Sedu. Is it the original or the revolution? Either way, I don’t think you will be disappointed. What were your styling ideas for your big day? Are you wearing it up or maybe adding some curls and wearing it down?

    • I tried it last night on my roots. I think it’s the revolution, not sure, but I really liked it. I can’t wait to try it on clean hair next time.

      My day came and went. I wore a simple bun. The night before came and I said “I don’t feel like doing this” lol.

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