Wash Day

As per a request, I did a roller set tutorial and I finished my bun tutorial that I had to record a second time. Once I edit them in iMovie, I should be able to post them both here and on YouTube.

So I started my wash day Saturday night with a mixture of Apricot and Avocado oil. I’ve noticed softer hair longer using this as a prepoo.

Sunday morning, since I knew I would be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and doing my cousin hair, I started my day early and washed with Elasta QP Creme shampoo.

Next I tea rinsed with black and green teas, horsetail, chamomile and burdock. I’ve noticed less shedding since using this combination versus black alone. Might be that green and black tea have the same amount of caffeine so I’m just using more caffeine.



I sectioned my hair then DCed with Darcy’s Pumpkin Seed Conditioner with some Biolage Cera-Repair under my steamer. CHI is really strong, and even though Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk is moisture based, I was still a little worried about conflict. Also, I wanted to use my steamer and Vanilla Silk is not as good under the steamer versus using a heating cap.

I final rinsed with Roux Porosity Control and half way through ran out. Halfway through I had to start banging the bottle. I can’t find it at any beauty supply either. Ugh.

I got my handy dandy spray bottle and used CHI Silk Infusion then roller set.



This is my hair dryer. It works just like the salon, only with rests in between use.

Wednesday Morning hair before putting it in a bun.


My poor head grows in a V so even though I attempted to dust, attempted being the key word, I will just stick out my U/V until I cut again. I have no idea when that will be though as I am going with the flow. My last cut, I did cut in a U.

I prefer waiting a few days to document my wash day because then I can truly see my results. My hair is really soft and doesn’t even need moisturizer (not falling for it). It’s responding to humidity, so I might need protein soon, but its not responding too much, so probably more like light protein. Compared to winter when my hair is usually stiff and lower po, spring is allowing it to be softer but still low po.

I guess it’s time to put my thinking cap on.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Hey Girl,

    Great Post as usual. Your rollerset looks great. Can’t wait for your bun tutorial :).

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