Instyler Update

So this past Cinco de Mayo, I used the instyler in my cousins hair as per her request. This time I acted like I have a brain and did this better.

My cousin and I parents are first cousins. We aren’t that far apart in look or hair. Same porosity, resistance, texture and good stuff, just that she has a full head of thick strands so her hair is more protein tolerant.

I hadn’t done her hair in 3 weeks, and she hasn’t washed it either, so I clarified it with Nexxus Aloe Rid and followed up with Millcreek Organics Keratin Shampoo. Then I DCed her hair with a mixture of Biolage Cera Repair, Millcreek Organics Keratin Conditioner and her Hollywood beauty Argan Oil conditioner for 20 minutes under the heating cap.

After, she asked me about this product:20130508-081331.jpg

I had it sitting on my bathroom floor to give away. I didn’t I’d use it because I wasn’t impressed with it. Then I read the instructions and it says to use before blow drying. Hmmm…. That’s probably what I did wrong. I used this each time I sectioned a part of her hair to blow dry. It actually sped up drying time.

Then I followed up with: 20130508-081619.jpg

Each time I’d go a pass with the instyler, I’d use some CHI and this time I used it on High. One pass.

My cousins hair came out great. I wish I had pictures, but it wasn’t until seeing her in the sun that I truly saw how nice it looked. All that protein helped a sister out. Now for another person, that may be too much protein, but this is direct heat. You can’t play with that. Not even a little.

I’m still chicken sh!t to use the instyler, but my courage is slowly returning. Until then, roller sets away!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

5 thoughts on “Instyler Update

  1. My mom, who is natural, had an instyler and hated it while one of my sisters, who is also natural, loves it, so you are right, their are mixed reviews on this one. I am with you, it looks a bit scary especially with my transitioning hair being so delicate. I had a question. What medium to strong protein treatment do you use (if you do)?

    • I used Millcreek Organics Keratin and Nexxus Emergencee if I really need the protein. I wouldn’t recommend the Nexxus unless its really bad. The Millcreek is medium and will not leave the hair hard and last for a while.

      • I will look into those. My staple hard protein is the keracare reconstructor, but it is so hard to find (I pray it hasn’t been discontinued). Maybe I will have better luck looking for the Millcreek. Thanks!

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