Vitamins: Why You Do[nt] Need Them…

So while I was taking my fiancé to GNC for vitamins, I remembered to refill my prescription for my vitamins at the pharmacy. Usually when I’m in GNC I look at their EO’s they have on sale. Then, my fiancé asked me if he could buy the expensive vitamins locked behind the glass and I gave him a funny look. I told him “you don’t need that, you barely need the ones we are buying!”

And that inspired this post…

I took my vitamins religiously for years thinking I needed them. I stopped taking them because they literally use to burn holes in my stomach giving me aches for hours. Eventually, I asked my GYN for an rx for vitamins and now I’m taking prenatal vitamins. I looked at the nutritional label and after taking a few, no tummy aches and I love them.

So. The thing about vitamins is that they are most beneficial when you get them from foods and you should use supplements to compensate for what you aren’t getting. Vitamins are essential for our living. They may not be FDA approved for stupid reasons, but we do need them. However, we do not need them in large amounts. For example, if eating a banana supplies 25% of your days Potassium (hypothetical) and you eat that with a bowl of cereal that provides another 15% of your days Potassium (hypothetical) with milk that supplies another 15% (hypothetical), then take a multivitamin that provided 110% of your days Potassium, tell me why is it essential to overload your body with vitamins. The same thing with B vitamins. Those just give you stomach aches.

And remember, 25% of your blood goes through your kidneys a day. That’s a lot for your kidneys to filter. Don’t overload them.

Too many B vitamins lead to neon pee (lol). Since taking prenatal vitamins, I get none of that stomach aching, neon pee goodness like before. If anything, being that the iron is so concentrated, I just get thirsty and need more water. They also have enough of the daily value and ingredients that make you wonder why you bother with other vitamins.

Now, something I have experienced is that taking b vitamins like biotin never led to increased hair growth or even thickness. I thought it did, but it really didn’t. Taking more iron and vitamin D has, however, led to less shedding overall. I have never had a dramatic decrease in shedding throughout my journey until taking iron and increasing vitamin D. Now iron helps to transpor oxygen throughout the body, so my guess is iron increases blood flow and oxygen, which promotes cell growth, including in our follicles. Vitamin D a) support bone health which is where blood cells are made and b) are best absorbed with essential fatty acids. FA’s also give us shinier hair. Yum.

Biotin just gave me stomach aches. MSM was good, but I work out so it helped with fatigue and prevented muscle aches the next day. Too much though will lead to you growing chin hairs 😦

So while you do need vitamins, something to remember is that you don’t need too much. Vitamins won’t really affect hair growth, but how your hair will grow. Remember, a good diet trumps all. I’ve noticed a good diet gives me really good growth while a poor diet (eating 1x a day) gave me weea growth. The amount differed by very little, maybe half an inch, but in all the years I’ve waited 10 weeks to relax, when my diet was poor I’d have ~1 inch of NG as pointed out by my nana (who would do my relaxer) while now I clearly have ~2″ after 10 weeks. My vitamins only decreased shedding and increased shine.

How are your vitamins treating you?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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