Today’s Bun



I was walking home from the train yesterday, I saw this girl talking with a friend and I was just staring at her bun. She had the exact same style I imitated today. All I could think to myself was “I need to try that!”

I wear buns EVERY DAY and as an avid protective styler, I can honestly say that buns friggin bore me. There are mornings when I ask myself is there something else I can do, then just throw it back in a bun. I know this style isn’t much, but I was told it was nice. I’m not really looking for a compliment, just a way to wear buns different without feeling like its the same boring bun.

I parted a small square section in the front, made a twist, held it with a bobby pin, moisturized and sealed really quick, threw it back in a ponytail and took the bobby pin out. I was gonna go with a ponytail, but as usual, I bunned it.

I could see myself expanding on this. I have a couple natural inspired hairstyles I want to try as well but I have to airdry for those. I have a couple in mind for my upcoming nuptials. I hope they work out.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Bun

  1. I feel the same way about buns. Some people love them, but I just do them out of necessity more than preference. I like the twist in the front. It adds some pizazz!

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