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I did a YouTube tutorial on my bun, but my fiancé interrupted me during the video so unless he can teach me how to edit the part where I’m yelling a him, I will have to make it over

So there is this great debate about women sacrificing their health for their hair and not going to a gym or working out. I’ve never been one of these women. This is one of those subjects where it becomes “just hair” for me.

I normally wear my hair in a bun when I workout anyway. It’s just easier. Nothing hard, or simple and it doesn’t wiggle too much when I run or am doing burpees.

Depending on whether I am going to the gym or working out at home does make a slight difference. When I’m home and I feel like my hair needs a little more, I will M&S or LCO and cover my hair with a conditioning cap, tighten it and do my workout. This is only when needed or my hair stays in a regular bun. When I go to the gym, my hair stays in a regular bun (not tight or loose) and I keep an extra scrunchie on my wrist. Afterwards, I do one of 2 things. I either:
-take down my bun and let my hair hang until its dry or
-just let my hair stay in the bun until its dry

I read once that a bun pineapple style or a high ponytail is always the best way to go. It might have been in Shape or Women’s Health. They also state never touch the hair until its dry. I had already been doing this but I’m glad someone put it out there. I’ve noticed when I wait until my hair is dry, I experience less shedding and breaking versus when it’s wet.

I do not cowash during the week, so it’s more important I let my hair dry. My hair doesn’t fade or dull or lose anything as long as its protected and treated right. I also don’t wear my hair out, but my point is that if I wanted to, using this method when working out doesn’t bother it. My hair does revert a tad, buts its nothing too much that you can never hide or handle.

Don’t risk your health over hair. You’ve got 100,000 strands and only 1 heart. It’s not worth it.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “Gym Head

  1. ” Don’t risk your health over hair. You’ve got 100,000 strands and only 1 heart. It’s not worth it.” I love this! I’m a new reader nice blog 🙂

  2. I never heard of women not going to the gym because of their hair until I got into hair blogs, in my country women have other silly reasons for not going to the gym lol

    • Candice,

      I never heard of it until I went on hair boards as well. It’s so vain. That’s usually one of the main reasons. The most ill do is not workout the first couple of days after doing my hair, but that’s about it.

    • I would never use my hair as an excuse. Sadly, I never thought it was an excuse until recently. I hope that way of thinking changes over time.

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