Wash Day

Spring is already starting to take its toll on my in 3 ways: Wardrobe, Hair and Allergies. I am always ready for the first, I cannot be bothered with the last unless it really bothers me but that middle one…. I’ll get you my pretty!!!

I started with a prepoo mixture of Avocado and Apricot Oils on my entire head, the length and the scalp in my crown area only. Ohhh, Me Gusta!

So I needed a new clarifier. I still have some Nexxus Aloe Rid left over, but I still wanted to look into a new one. I purchased Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, and though it is just a regular shampoo as Two and Three are actual clarifiers, their descriptions seem so harsh and stripping. The Shampoo One was not that bad as its a pretty good sulphate shampoo to just cleanse for when I don’t want to clarify. Funny how I find all the good shampoos after I give up looking for one. I followed up with my Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

I tea rinsed with black tea, green tea, horsetail, burdock and chamomile teas. I actually saw less shedding and breakage during manipulation wet and dry with the combo.

Then I applied Biolage Hydrotherapie Cera-Repair and Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk on top of it. I used my heating cap for 30 minutes then let it cool for another 10 minutes.

I wet my hair a bit then added some Roux PC for my final rinse.

During my roller set, I use some CHI Silk Infusion instead of Crece Pelo. I thought the CHI was ok when I used the instyler last week, but I didn’t actually like it until I roller set mid week. I actually used crece pelo mid week and because the CHI penetrates naturally, I still had it in my hair from last Sunday and that’s why my hair felt soft and yet felt like it had build-up at the same time.

So I used the CHI Silk Infusion using a dime sized amount on each section. I also sat under the dryer at a higher temperature of 70-72 degrees compared to 65 degrees because that silk penetrates. My hair felt so much softer coming from under the dryer. I saw way less breakage, increases softness, shine and straightening after using the CHI. I think I might invest in a larger bottle. This I definitely a good heat protectant.

I did a happy dance in the mirror when I took my hair down. My hair is coming along so nicely. A year ago, I was literally in a funk because my hair was in such a bad state with breakage, porosity issues and changing of textures. It seems like just yesterday. Baby Steps…

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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