What I’m Still Learning…


This is my most recent bun after my relaxer. Please pardon that bathroom: I am a health inspector, so most of my pictures are taken in pleasant and unpleasant bathrooms. Got to catch them when I can.

So I do my buns without scrunchies. For a while, I have been realizing that because I am a righty and I twist my hair from the left to the right, I pull it tightly at first, putting pressure on the lower left side. After reading this, I’m seeing that I may have to start wearing scrunched again. I’m seeing that I may have to start wearing scrunchies again. It is nothing that is too obvious now, but I am trying to not cut and tired of cutting at this point. When I get a picture, I have to remind myself to post it. One thing I love about blogs are the personal experiences but I enjoy reading from people who I can genuinely learn from. Thanks Adrienne.

I did a wash day this week. In between wash days. I washed, DC-ed and final rinsed then roller set. Skipping Tea Rinsing is a no-no for me. I am seeing that without it, I get build-up quicker and duller hair. It still feels and acts right (thank goodness) but its just dull and feels like product is sitting on it. This probably has something to do with the weather as well.

Ill be looking for a new clarifier. I love my Nexxus Aloe Rid, but its been discontinued for a while and I havent seen Nexxus bring a new one out. I am looking at Paul Mitchell Shampoo One because it “looks” promising. I have been looking at reviews online, which seem to be good, and I like the ingredients. What I liked about Aloe Rid is that while it cleaned, I felt like it still left my hair moisturized and slightly stripped. When I would follow up with shampoo and my regular wash day routine, my hair would come out better than any wash day. No other clarifier did that for me; instead leaving me like my hair needed a pacemaker to survive. I really do not ask for much, but there is no harm in trying it. I hope I can find it at my local BSS, because I dont feel like ordering online.

I was speaking to my fiance (who is Dominican) and was telling him that the black community is making a strong voice in the hair care community. Even if it could be greater, the few are working. Whether women continue to relax or not, the concern about products and ingredients is becoming more important. Whether you preach to someone who wants the advice or not, its not about your words and advise but about your presence and presentation. When it comes to shampoos, final rinses, sealers and heat protectants, I will stick with mainstream products for a while but my DC’s, leave-ins and moisturizers, products I consider that lead to the best retention, I will stick with my Indie owned black companies.

Yes, Morena’s Can Too!

What I’m Still Learning Is That One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “What I’m Still Learning…

  1. You are so welcome sis! “Because I am a righty and I twist my hair from the left to the right, I pull it tightly at first, putting pressure on the lower left side”…that was totally my issue and in the picture you can see the side that paid the price for it. It was totally thinned out. After going over and over in my mind what could have caused it, I realized what the problem was. I never had that issue again after stopping. You are smart to nip it in the bud NOW before it causes major problems in your retention later.

    I love that there are better products out there for AA hair. That is one thing about the whole ‘natural hair movement’ that I DO like. My hair is so much healthier once I started using more natural products. Less trimming, better retention, more moisture and softness…just better all the way around.

    Have you tried Keracare’s first lather? That’s a good one. If you have an Ulta near you, you can buy it there and if you hate it, you can take it back for a full refund!

    • I have no ulta near me, but I have seen it in my local BSS. I thought that it would be too harsh but I have thought about giving it a try. I will probably pick one up this and the price is not too bad as well.

      Your post came right in time. That picture was an eye opener because I was hesitating on not using hair ties. I’ll still do my buns like that, but only a few days a week.

  2. Your bun looks super luscious!! I’d like a tutorial too please 🙂

    I’ve read great reviews about Redken Hair Cleansing Cream, I want to buy it next week.

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