Wash Day

I was not too thrilled with this wash day.

I started with overnight prepoo with apricot oil. I really like this oil. When I rinse, my hair already feels soft.

I washed with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. I. Like. This. Shampoo. I was browsing a BSS and I had no expectations of liking this shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean, but not stripped and still moisturized at the same time. Not clumpy, not dry, not anything any other shampoo has left me with. I was scared that it didn’t work, even though it lathered REALLY well so I did a second wash and it still felt the same.

I tea rinsed with my black tea (I used 3 instead of 2 bags) burdock, chamomile and horsetail.

Followed up with my Silk Dreams VSCMD. I used this under my steamer. I added more water than the limit so I could sit under for longer.

I rinsed a little with slightly cold water then added my Roux PC. I left that mixture on for 5 minutes then rinsed completely.

Silky smooth hair….

So I wanted to use my cousins instyler. I used some DB Daily Leave-In then added some CHI Silk Infusion and detangled. Then I added some Redken heat protectant and used the instyler on medium heat.




My friend stopped by and said she liked it. My hair was full of volume. She actually thought my hair was natural. I was like “what?” I didn’t hate it. It had nice volume. It was the use of 2 heat protectants that made me not like the results. I can see myself purchasing one of these, but I’d have to figure out a better way to get the results I want. My cousin said she flat ironed first when she did her hair. I can’t see myself using heat twice.

I prefer my roller sets, but I will not quit on this.

I wound up rewashing with the Elasta QP again which yielded the same results. The instyler closed my cuticles even more than they normally are so wetting my hair took longer than normal and that’s normally about 1-2 minutes.

Then I followed up with Biolage Fortetherapie Strengthening Masque with my heating cap.

Follow-up with DB LTC and Organix Macadamia Oil.

I’ll leave my big hair for the week. I don’t mind it.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


7 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Did u use the instyler on air dried or blow dried hair? I think your hair looks nice 🙂 I flat ironed my hair yesterday and I used the redken ….. But I remembered why I never liked flat iron hair even before my hhj …. It tangles up like crazy and knots up after I leave it open for a while. Have you experienced this problem? I used some super skinny serum when I got home I used it to seal DBCLTC. It helped, but no one I know seems to have this problem.

    • Mandy,
      I’ve use a flat iron once and it was sooooo long ago I don’t even remember what happened with the exception that my hair was flat. The tangles could be that the cuticles aren’t closed enough before heat styling, or maybe try another heat protectant. Yesterday, I didn’t have tangles but I think I know what your experiencing and that’s why I washed. I attributed slight trouble with combing with the heat protectants.

      I’m going to try it again though. That is definitely a promise to myself.

    • Candice,
      I just tell them I’m not natural. They look at me like I’m crazy but why would I lie about being relaxed? It’s weird but I just leave the conversation alone after that lol.

  2. You liked the Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo?!?!?! *cue Hallelujah chorus*. I am on my way to get some and will be trying it out this weekend! So excited, I hope I get the same results!!

    • I hope you like it. I found that it cleaned but didn’t strip, lathered well but not too much, my hair still felt a little soft and it wasnt clumpy and i didn’t need defibrillators after its use. For me, it was perfect and ideal for a shampoo. I also read the reviews on amazon and it got good reviews, but don’t buy it from there unless you need too. For $3-4 it’s at least worth a try.

      • I found that most shampoos clump my hair too. It feels so rough to the touch that I am almost scared to touch it! It also gets really frizzy. I cannot wait to try this. I think I have seen it at my local BSS. Thanks Tasia!

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