Seasons Change… So Should Your Regimen?

As much as I boast about hating glycerin, it actually taught me a lot about changing regimens based on Seasons. For some people, regimens do not have to change because their climates are pretty stable. In NY, not so much. It is now spring, the season I hate the most, because you never know what the weather will be like. It is transitioning to warmer weather, so what’s going on today can change at a moments instant. Some would even agree that 70 degrees F today may not feel like the same 70 degrees F tomorrow.

Weather plays a major role in how hair acts and reacts. I’ve learned the only way to avoid bad hair days is to have a regimen that works for you and can be tweaked based on what’s going on.

My winter and summer regimens are pretty clear cut. I try to maintain my P/M balance by:
-shampooing 1x a week
-clarifying every 4-6 weeks
-deep condition religiously
-staying away from glycerin
-medium protein every 4 weeks, light protein every 4 weeks (basically protein every other week)
-should incorporate ceramides during dc sessions
-used moisture/butter based moisturizers in winter and water to creamy based moisturizers in the summer
-using penetrating oils for hot oil treatments and sealing
-cowash when needed because it makes my hair too moist (?)

During the spring, my pelo starts acting brand new. Its basically drier than normal. During this time I have to:
-shampoo 1x a week
-I have to keep a sulphate shampoo on deck, mostly for build-up
-clarify every 4-6 weeks
-most weeks I have to deep condition under steamer then cowash (this worked wonders all last spring)
-I can prepoo with conditioners if my hair becomes too dry (this actually dries out my hair in summer and winter)
-I have to use protein every 3-5 weeks (usually medium) and I have to depend on keratin
-Water based leave-ins are essential daily
-I cannot use penetrating oils as a prepoo
-I cannot skimp on steaming too much
-I cannot wash and air dry as my hair becomes hard and dry, especially in the crown. If I airdry, I have to cowash at least 2x within the week to keep my hair manageable
-I have to use ceramides.
-My hair grows fastest in the spring

My biggest tweaks for the spring is how often I have to use protein to keep up with moisture to prevent dryness. Most people focus on moisture during the winter and summer, but it just doesn’t work for me. My hair would become unruly and it would become hard to style because even with more moisture, my hair would become drier because the air is drier, even in my apt. By not focusing on moisture, just incorporating it regularly and not excessively, I successfully retained length and moisture. Now that its spring, I’m starting to notice, once again, that I wash on Sunday and I need to cowash or DC on Thursday. It is slowly happening again. It doesn’t happen all weeks, but I noticed it a couple times.

Luckily, I don’t have to change products I already use, just how often I use them and the way I use them. I use my Silk Dream Vanilla Silk more this year and not my Avocado Butter. I might put my Darcy’s Botanicals to the side until 8-10 weeks post instead of 6, but lets not be too hasty.

I’m hoping that this spring, I won’t have to cowash too much. I love my roller sets though it is such a task 😦 I will continue to figure this. Perhaps this time, I will invest in a diary….

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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