Random Nothing’s About… Multi-Purpose Steamers


My allergies are Superbad. So bad that I sometimes get dizzy spells, my eyes hurt and get sensitive to the light and I get headaches that sometimes make me want to cry. I save my sick time at work just for spring. So sad man!

The only that aids my congestion is steam. Usually from a hot pot with salt or a hot bath. The pot is too hot and burns and the bath I’d have to sit in and compromise my hair (so vain).

So today, I decided “That’s what my steamer is for!” So I decided to use the steamer attachment and steam the yuckiness out. I have a Secura Steamer (for about a year now) and it comes with a facial attachment. Worked out enough for me to work out but best of all, I had clear and soft skin afterwards. After I worked out and showered, I washed with my Philosophy I just put on some of my Mary Kay Collagen + C Serum and my face was moist and soft all night. I normally need one of my homemade butter mixes on top, so it was weird my skin didnt crave moisture.

My congestion is still a mess, but it feels much better. No headache. I forget how good steaming is for my skin as well as hair. I keep telling people Im still 25, though I am not. I figure if I incorporate this into my skin care regimen, I can keep making people believe that for the next 10 years.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.

One thought on “Random Nothing’s About… Multi-Purpose Steamers

  1. I wish mine had a facial attachment. Girl, my allergies are horrible and they are aggravated by almost EVERYTHING that blooms in GA! You described my headaches to the ‘T’. I do find that a hot shower helps and I tried taking Allegra, but nothing seems to help completely. I guess I have just gotten used to it…sigh

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