Product Review: Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In


Contains: Water with Olive Oil, Yarrow Leaf, Sage Leaf and Lavender Flower Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Benehentrmonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, MSM, Guar Gum, Paraben free preservative and Fragrance.

I clearly dumbed some of the scientific botany names down because let’s be honest, we don’t really care that much…. We just want to know what’s in it and if we should be bothered…

I bought this moisturizer in January with a friend during our product haul. I bought it because at the time I wasn’t happy with the Lemongrass Transitioning Creme (I like it now) and to also stock up on the Cocoa Bean Hair Whip. I really just wanted to try it to see if I like it.

It is formulated to provide moisture and can be used daily or weekly to detangle, moisturize and defrizz. I haven’t read many reviews on it, because at the time I didn’t care and once I got it, I figured I bought, might as well try it. This particular leave-in allows you to pick your own scent so I picked one of my favorites: Frank and Myrrh.

I tried this product three different ways. I will explain each way and how I felt about it:
As a leave-in, I felt it was too light. This is a good water based conditioner, so it did leave my hair soft, but eventually it did start to feel dry. Even when I sealed it with oil, it still needed much touching up. I used this as a leave-in on air dried hair and with a twist out. On air dried hair, my hair was soft, but still felt like it was missing something. On my twist out, it left it super soft and fluffy, but only when used with a finishing paste. On each occasion, I had to use more of this leave-in the next day so my hair didn’t feel so dry. As a leave-in, I didn’t prefer it. It just left my hair too dry.

I used it on two separate occasion as just a moisturizer. Now, for these 2 occasions I used Darcy’s Botanicals Lemongrass Transitioning Creme as a leave-in and then used this as a moisturizer before sealing. It definitely works better for me as a moisturizer. Using the LTC is a headache for me on dry hair, so the daily worked well on replenishing moisture and I didn’t need as much when I used it for styling between washing. Even with my hair straight, it works really well for me and not weighing my hair down. It’s a light moisturizer and dries pretty well. When I unwrap my hair, it’s never dead or weighed down. After using this with my Organix oils, I have noticed less split ends as well as breakage. My hair also holds longer between washing making me lazy to not wash my hair.

Last, I used it as C for cream in the LCO (liquid, oil, cream) Method. This is just a twisted around version of the LOC Method, but I prefer I do cream before oil. My hair gets buildup QUICKLY. This works as an ok cream with DB LTC working much better.

Lets talk about glycerin, my least favorite hair ingredient. I hate glycerin because it sucks. No, it doesn’t. I do not care for glycerin because I live in NY and the weather is not consistent enough to depend on products with glycerin. During summers and winters, dew points and humidity are not friendly to glycerin. I even know naturals who complain of glycerin. So I attribute the glycerin content as to why my hair felt “dry” when used as a leave-in. As a moisturizer, for just m&s its pretty ok and for LCO it was only good for touch-ups. Honestly, this product felt worse on my texlaxed hair than my relaxed hair as a leave-in. My texlaxed hair would still feel rough and my relaxed ends just needed extra product.

The smell was great at first, but now when I use it, I don’t smell it too much. I doubt it faded, it just wasn’t that strong in the first place. That’s NOT a bad thing.

Overall, would I recommend it? Hell Yeah. Don’t let my review fool you, I love this product. This is my best moisturizer to date. As a leave-in for me it sucks. Perhaps someone else might like it. But as a daily moisturizer, it’s epic. Sadly though, it’s only epic on straight hair for me and good for my air dried hair. In the winter, it left my hair a little stiff when it was too cold, but it was never bad. Now here it is spring and its allowing my hair to stay moist and causes my buns to droop. While I feel the glycerin content could be better, like less, there is just enough in it to not make me hate it.

The water content makes me like it and its consistency because most moisturizers I’ve tried are creamy and buttery. This is more on the liquidy side, as it is kinda runny and watery, but it doesn’t feel cheap. If you are looking for a moisturizer that is more on the watery side this might be one to try. My hair is really dry and low po, so even though I have to use it daily or every other day, because it doesn’t build-up, and affects moisture balance, this allows me to use it without build-up. It’s also spreads more on the hair and absorbs pretty well.

I roller set my hair weekly and wear buns, so for the most part, my hair is straight.

I cant attest to using it for stretching. I didn’t notice a difference, but then again I wasn’t looking for one.

I hope this helps someone out there.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In

  1. Can’t decide between this one and the DBLTC. If you had to chose one for moisture, which would you go with? I’m using DBLTC right now and it’s okay (and glycerin free). But I think its humid enough now I can handle glycerin.

    • For moisture, I would go with the daily leave-in for moisture. The LTC is only good as a leave in for me, but not for day to day use.

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