Random Nothing’s About… Hair

I want to flat iron my hair one of these days. I new a heat protectant that is best for hot tools. Right now, I’m crushing on Redken Smooth Down and Nexxus Heat Protect.

Bought a new shampoo. Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. I found it for $2.99, which I don’t think is sold that cheap anywhere and I read the reviews on Amazon. It got 5 stars. I’m hoping I like it, but I won’t know until Sunday.

Thinking of starting a YouTube page. Relaxed girls are hard to find on there these days. I love me some Megz, Poh (?), happyhairshow, Jen, and a couple others I can’t think of at the moment, but there aren’t that many reliable others left. I’m still in thought with that.

My friend told me a few days ago she wished her hair would get longer and away from an awkward length already. I had to remind her that “One Day, It Will Happen”!

Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Random Nothing’s About… Hair

  1. You should totally start a youtube channel! You are right, relaxed heads are scarce now-a-days. Keeping my fingers crossed that you like the Elasta QP because for that price, I will be scooping some up for myself.

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