Relaxer and Wash Day

So I finally ended my relaxer stretch after 11 weeks. I wanted to wait 12 weeks, but current events stopped that from happening.

So my friend came over and helped me out. I’m pretty tired of relaxing my hair myself and when I do, the back always gets processed first leaving it straighter than the front. So my friend helped me and it turned out GREAT!!!!


So I parted my hair it four sections and pre-parted my sections to make application faster and easier. I use the mink oil because the stuff with menthol make my scalp feel like its falsely burning. I also added some Roux PC and Paul Mitchell Conditioner on my hair. You cannot see any scalp here.



The application took a total of 25 minutes before I rinsed, did a mid protein step with Redken and neutralized with Silk Elements Neutralizing Shampoo. I chose to use Mizani Butter Blends this time because I really the relaxer and it leaves me with better looking hair. I liked the ORS, but i found it left me with duller hair. Mizani no-lye caused me a lot of shedding, but the lye formula does not. I’ve been using Mizani BB for years and I think I will stick with it from now on.



I basically went from Cealy from The Color Purple to Side Show Bob from The Simpsons. My cousin said I love that analogy. I said its easy to interpret. I texlaxed on Thursday and air dried particularly because I feel like its too much on my scalp at once when I roller set after I relax.

Today (Sunday) I finally washed. I did a first wash with Bobeum Coco Olive shampoo bar then used the DevaCurls No-Poo.

Then I tea rinsed with my usual teas.

Applied Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk Cteam Moisture Dream which I find I prefer after relaxing and during my first 6 weeks post relaxer. I used this under the steamer.

Then I did my final rinse with my Roux PC and roller set with my Crece Pelo.




I am most happy with my health. I think I was to heavy with my heat protectant, but I’m not really sure. I didn’t have to trim and am devoted not to trim for a while. I don’t wear my hair out, so it may work out.

By my wedding in September, my goal is to retain 3″ so I can wear my hair out after almost 2 years and not relax for 16 weeks this time around.

I hope it works out.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


10 thoughts on “Relaxer and Wash Day

  1. When u put ur hair in bun do u often see a few strands of hair fall out when u undo the bun?

    What could be the reason for this apart from moisturizing your ends cos I don’t think I have an issue with that and its also a very losse bum indeed

    • Hi Lucy,
      It could just be shed hairs that didn’t come out when initially combing. If they are not broken and it isn’t excessive I wouldn’t worry. I do notice the same thing as I wear loose bun and just attribute it to not catching all shed hairs before styling it. HTH

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