April and Long-Term Goals

Taking a look at March Goals, I want to review what I did, did not do and explain all goals.

1. Cut down on hair purchases. I bought some conditioner from Silk Dreams that was discontinued and some Biolage conditioner. I am also still on a quest for the perfect shampoo. I did cut down sticking with only buying essentials and not frivolous shopping, but I still have not found what I want which is shampoo.

2. Drink more water at work. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee and 20 oz of SmartWater for every cup. I try not to drink too much because I have a field job and banos are hard to find, so I load up at home. I just want to drink more during the day. I tried to drink juice one day and it was an epic fail. It was so nasty and too sugary. I have mostly been sticking to drinking water and lately 1 cup of coffee. I cannot say I am drinking more water, but I am only drinking water at work and home and that has been my goal for a few years now.

3. I exercise 4 days a week, but I want up a day for yoga to incorporate it weekly and not “when I feel like it”. Didnt happen simply because “I didnt feel like it”. But I did incorporate more pilates workouts.

4. Quit drinking alcohol for a WHILE. Drank 2x this month. Better than every Friday, Saturday and “sips” from my fiance’s cups of nightcaps. I want to keep this up.

5. Limit meat to 1 day a week. Why did I make this goal. I barely eat meat 1x a month these days smh. Oh, I remember, I wanted to eliminate meat temptation at work. I am succeeding with this goal.

6. Eat more fruit at home and not just at work. I was fine in January to mid-February, but as I started eating more fried foods in February, fruit became an acquaintance. Im getting back to this, but I need to combat the culprit first.


My April Goals will be reflected below:

1. Find a Poo. Seriously.

2. More strength training. Preferably 3/4 days a week now.

3. Eat more Bananas and fruit overall.

4. Eat breakfast before leaving for work.

5. Eat more protein.

6. Cut back down to fried foods 1day a week.

7. Drink more water.

Hopefully, these goals are more realistic for me. Its all about self control. I hope you make goals too. It might be short-term now, but can lead to a long-term succession.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


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