Lavadito day

So while on Adrienne’s site, she was featured on SOS and I tend to follow so many blogs that I forget this is a really great one. So K has mini wash days and that got me thinking that with the right products, we can wash more than once a week without compromising dryness.

Now, I make it no secret I hate cowashing. I loved it the beginning of my journey, but after a while I tired of it and my hair was becoming to soft with it. As I’ve mentioned before, my hair needs protein weekly and cowashing negated that once its state changed for the better. So I’ve been using Curls Cream Cleanser and so far I’ve been digging it. It’s not drying at all, I feel like my hair is clean by that “clean” feel but it still feels soft. I figured this would be a great product to use for a mini wash or what I’m calling a “Lavadito” which is a horrible way of butchering my fiancés beloved first language and making my own word. Lavado is the standard word for wash (lavado y seco is normally wash and set) and -ito/ita is normally added to words to exemplify something “small”. Don’t ask how I know so much about the language though #actslikeidontknowthelanguagefluently.

Anyway, I figure the only way a lavadito would differ from a typical wash day is that I would use as much time, and not put my hair through so many processes. This method also works well since I was planning to air dry and my air dried requires more product to maintain anyway. So, I washed with the Curls and used the rest of a jar of Silk Dreams Avocado Butter mixed with Roux PC and left it on for maybe 5-7 minutes. Last, I detangled with Curls Coconut Conditoner. I will be honest, I’m not a fan of spending less time on washing because I could feel the difference in detangling how the extra time really benefits my hair. But it still worked out.

I air dried with a t-shirt while I ate my shrimp tacos (yum), then detangled with my Magic Star and used the two items below to do my twist out and secured them with perm/cold rods.


Now, I’m really liking LTC on air dried hair. It works really well. I also saw the Organix Ginger Awapuhi in Duane Reade which I have been eying for a while. I really like their Macadamia oil since it has no protein and really does provide some moisture. This is like its twin, just with protein and Hawaiian ginger. It’s also marketed for course hair. I liked this alot. The next morning I untwisted and as usual, pulled it up.


This is pretty much what my hair looks like after taking out the 2 standed twist and before I pull it up. It came out really soft and resilient. I also had less flyways with this oil.

I can see myself doing lavadito’s more often. I mostly air dry during relaxer stretches and this does help with less breakage. It’s only shortcoming is SSK’s…. Boo!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Lavadito day

  1. Damn SSKs! I hate them!! Your hair looks so soft and fluffy, even in the photos. How do you deal with your SSKs? Have you found ways to minimize them?

    • I only get them when I air dry. I try to manually untangle them, but for ones that are in shed hairs, I have to take more time with time. I can reduce them if I comb daily, but I hate combing more when I air dry. Low manip, high manip, I’m still trying to figure them out.

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