JTTCOMB- The last 1.5 Years

Here is a document of my journey. I tried to find as many pics as possible but I was to embarrassed to take pictures so the picking were very slim…



These are all between 2-3 years old way before my journey. My hair was bone straight at the time and never went more than a few inches lower than shoulder length. Not really even APL. It was bone straight, see thru and stringy most of the time.


This was a year before my journey. I went on vacation to Dominican Republic and my hair was air dried the whole time. Why I never realized that this was healthier and not just “bigger” was beyond me.


This was about 2 months after I started my journey, January 2012. I started my journey in November 2011. I was solely roller setting and bunning mostly because I wanted to keep my straight hair, but didn’t want anyone to notice it was shorter. I was still blowing out my roots, but not with too much heat. My buns never looked like this nice when I went to the salon. I still don’t understand what I’m doing differently, but my hair was never thick before my HJ.



These pictures were from between March and May 2012 I started my journey in November 2011 and after almost 6 months, my hair was almost BSL and twice as thick. Hated this V after a while because I didn’t l know how to trim my own hair. Then I googled it a few months later.



After a while, I got tired of my bangs and decided to just grow them out. People thought I was using pins just for decoration, but my bangs never held in my ponytail. By October 2012 I was able to put my bangs in my ponytail. This was a hair goal. I started with eyebrow length bangs and after 3 months, it was already on my mouth.



August 2012. I finally cut my hair into a U shape. The picture in the pink shirt was before a relaxer and the picture with the bun was about a week later after a relaxer.


September 2012. I was just happy I could do this!!!





These last few are from my most recent relaxer stretch. The first one was taken about a month after my last relaxer, February 2013. The next was taken a few weeks ago. The next was taken the same day, but I’m clearly far into a relaxer stretch at this time. The last is from my last wash day and my air dried bun.

My diet and exercise has not changed. I still exercise 4 days a week and if anything, I cut down on meat even more. I should be close to WL by now, but I worried about health over length and now I am going to let length happen. I don’t really wish it any other way because I am happy with the health of my hair right now. It is thick, healthy, not breaking or shedding as much, not dry, with little damage and is thriving really well.

At this point, I just want to help others. I don’t need to be an inspiration because it doesn’t motivate me. To know that someone wants my help is enough to keep me going.

If there is one thing I’d wish for, it’d be thinner strands; medium to thick strands are hard to regulate. But I’m not mad… Not mad at all.

This post is dedicated to Mandy :*

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “JTTCOMB- The last 1.5 Years

  1. Amazing progress, Tasia! You may not need to be an inspiration, but you are. Every young black woman who has reached her hair goals proves even more that it’s possible to have long healthy hair no matter what texture! And that keeps gals like me motivated! 🙂

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